Ugh! Not again!

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Ugh! Not again!

With my first DS I developed severe high blood pressure and was put on a very high dose of Labetalol to keep it under control. Luckily the meds worked well but DS was rushed away at birth to the NICU at a different hospital because he had a pneumothorax and collapsed lungs.. So then when we got pg with DS2 we were told the odds of him going through the same were little to none.. Of course I ended up again with high blood pressure and put on the same meds.. At birth, he too was rushed to the NICU(this time I chose a hospital with a NICU just to be safe and was luckily able to see him that night.). The NICU dr was shocked when I told her that my 1st DS had been in the same NICU for the same reason. She said shes NEVER heard of a women giving birth to 2 babes with pneumos. So this got me thinking, maybe.. Just maybe it was the meds. So, I was hoping and praying that I wouldnt have to go through it again this time around. But my BP is already starting to rise. It didnt get high with the last 2 until right at 28 weeks. Im freaking out now! I dont think I could handle having to leave another baby behind in the NICU. Sad Im so not looking forward to my appt Tuesday. I know theyre gonna put me back on the meds.. If it keeps my BP down, ill be happy to take them.. But I really think the meds are whats doing it! *sigh* I just want a healthy pregnancy that I can enjoy and not have to worry about constantly!

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I'm so sorry!!! ((((Hugs)))) I don't know how hard it is to have a baby rushed into NICU - but I can imagine it's quite horrible. IF you do have to go through that again, remember that the meds are keeping you and baby healthy NOW and at the end, even if it's rushed to the NICU, just believe everything will be okay. I assume everything was okay eventually with the first two.

Again (((((HUGS)))))

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I'm so sorry that you had to go through that (twice!) and are facing it again. Do you know if there is any other meds that they can put you on that might be safer for baby?

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How stressful! I'd bring up your concerns with your current doc and make sure they know your whole history.

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As far as I know there are only two BP meds that you can take during pregnancy. Labetalol is supposed to be the safest. I forget the name of the other but its supposed to be REALLY bad on your gums and teeth and has really awful side effects. Im doing everything I can to try to get it down naturally but nothings working so far. I think my body just hates being pregnant!

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Oh that stinks. Yes try everything you can naturally and maybe it will help. Like the others said, I would definitely talk to your docs about your concerns.

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I could speak from experience that bedrest and super strict diets do not work. My BP is high already when just weeks before it was perfectly fine. My BP does crazy things when pregnant. THe other pill you are talking about I forgot the name but I took it with DD and did nothing for my BP. I'm taking labetol now as well. BP are horrible! :bighug: We are in the same boat!