Ugh..sick and pregnant

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Ugh..sick and pregnant

So, DH and I went to bed around 815. It's now 1040 and I'm in the living room, on the computer. I can't fall asleep! One, my nose is running and it's driving me crazy. Two, I can't get comfortable. I even flipped to my back, but just stared at the ceiling. Three, I have to pee all the time.
I decided to get out of bed and try the couch - and immediately got sick to my stomach when I got up. Then.. DH's dog has been with us for many months and .. I'm a total animal lover, especially dogs - but..I don't like DH's dog. You'll see why in a minute. So..I pee, and see that DH's dog is on the couch. So I tell him to move and he growls at me. DH said something to him one day which made him growl and DH stepped towards him and the dog freakin attacked him! So, while if it was my dog, I'd totally kick his butt for growling, DH's dog is bigger and I'm not getting bit. So, I kept telling him to move and he kept growling at me. I backed up and called him - nothing. I was getting more and more pissed. Finally, even though I thought he might bite me, I grabbed the pillow from underneath him and pulled it out - resulting in him kinda flipping over. I guess he got mad enough to move then, because he finally got up.

I've talked with DH about his dog and the baby. He's not outright *mean* but if any of my dogs get near him he growls and he's old and buttheadish. DH acts like it won't be an issue. The FIRST TIME that dog even LOOKS at my baby wrong, I will ....

Anyway..I hate being sick. I hate being sick and pregnant even more.

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What a miserable night. I hope you got some sleep. DH will come around when the baby gets here. Dad's very quickly become protective of their babies once they're out, but often don't really get it before that. We had to kick our dog out of the house when DS was around 8 months old. It stunk because he was such an amazing dog and was usually great with kids, but for some reason when DS became mobile (he started crusing, or walking while holding stuff), my dog got really nervous and upset around him. It was enough to not trust him and when it comes to your baby, you just don't take chances with a 90+ lb dog. Hope you figure something out and sorry he's being a butt about it.

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Yeah, hopefully your DH comes around about the dog once your little girl is here. It shouldn't be an issue when she is a newborn, but mobile babies and toddlers are not great with pets, and you need a relatively patient and calm dog to deal with it. I love dogs too, but I would be [EMAIL=d@mned]d@mned[/EMAIL] if I kept a dog that I didn't trust not to bite in the same house with a mobile baby/toddler; babies don't understand and will happily crawl over the dog, try to pull up on them, pull their fur, grab their faces, et cetera. To a certain extent obviously you have to teach your kid to be more respectful of the dog, but not to the risk of a bite on the face or something. Hopefully Joan is right and your DH will be so protective of his baby girl that it's a no brainer that growling dog has got to go. :/ Sorry that you had such a rough night!

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I'm sorry you had such a miserable night and hope that at some point you were able to get to sleep. I agree, being sick sucks, but being sick while pregnant is even worse.

As for the dog, have you looked into some classes or training that could help once the baby comes along for him? I agree with PP's if it comes down to baby or dog, dog has to go. But, just an idea to at least give him a chance.

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Jill, this dog is DH's dog from his moms house. His mom took in her son, his girlfriend and her two kids and her three dogs. Puppy (the dogs name here) growled at the kids there and had to come live here because they were scared the dog was gonna bite the kids. The kids, in this instance, are old enough to know better than to mess with the dog. He's 11 years old and used to certain things - like the run of the house. So, the dog isn't supposed to be here with us. DH took him in because he felt bad for him and didn't want him to have to go elsewhere. MY two dogs, JoJo and Smokey.. you could pull their hair, smack them repeatedly, kick them...and they'd just be like... really? Obviously, I don't do that...those dogs are my babies, but they are very laid back. If DH's dog had to go back to his moms, I wouldn't be sad. At all.