Vicki, I've never had ANY ideas about having a big family. Before I got with DH, I didn't want kids (mainly because my ex husband had many genetic disorders that could kill babies), but pretty soon after we started dating he mentioned he wanted a family. The longer I was with him, the more I *knew* he'd be a great dad if we did have a family. He wants two kids...and we will probably have two, but we better wait a year or so atleast because I'm not a big fan of this pregnancy stuff.

Joan, yeah the OB doesn't seem concerned at all with my weightloss. My mom says it looks like I've lost a ton of weight (I've lost 17 lbs) so I think it might just LOOK like I've lost all that weight because my belly sticks out I want an appt where they tell you how much the baby is weighing. My doc said that some docs can tell by feeling the baby and some need a "special" ultrasound, but I've never been told how much she weighs. I'm not concerned, just curious.