Ugh ...thought THAT was over.. TMI

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Ugh ...thought THAT was over.. TMI

Soooo, on the way home from work today I stopped and got lunch. Got the same thing I always get and it's NEVER bothered me (except once, but I don't think it was cooked right PLUS I had a stomach virus).

I started getting heartburn around 2ish - took some Zantac and ate some Tums, but it wasn't doing anything.

5 HOURS after eating my lunch - I threw it all back up.

Blah. I throw up pretty consistently, at least 4 to 5 times a week but it's been less and less "amount" and not the entire friggin meal. Ewww..

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(((Hugs)))) I'm so sorry that you're STILL (still!) throwing up! Has changing your diet helped at all?

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Alissa, the only thing that I've really noticed is that by eating a small amount at dinner time, I'm not so sick at bed time.

However, I don't eat like I should during the day. Snacking is definitely better. I *might* eat too much at lunch and that might be the issue.

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Oh my goodness Jessica, still? You might hold the world record for longest period of morning sickness. Im sure you are just counting the days untilyou are full term and have that baby for some relief. Im glad its less than it was before though.

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Elizabeth, you've got that right!! I'm thinking to myself, okay..she can come THIS day and I'll be full term and.... LOLOL

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:bigarmhug: I'm sooo sorry you're still getting sick!! I've had a friend or two that was sick most of her pregnancy but not ALL of it.. I guess feeling better is something you're rather have sooner than later but will take later over never! Lol

You're SOOOOO close.. hang in there. Just a few more weeks!!!!!!!! Biggrin

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Oh no, so sorry that you are still getting sick Sad That's got to be miserable, at least the end is in sight now!

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Yuck! I hope you feel better soon.

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I hate that you're still getting sick. I had a friend who was sick her entire pregnancies and she had SIX kids!! Being nauseous the entire time sure would question whether I really want a big family or not!
Yeah, you might try just eating smaller amounts all the time if you can. Maybe just eat half what you normally eat for lunch and then eat the other half at 2 or 3.

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Oh Jessica, I feel so bad for you! I don't think I'd have ANY more kids if I was that sick. My mom was sick like that with me and she got her tubes tied right away! The good news is I was still born 9lbs13oz, lol. My poor mom was wasting away and I was just beefing up in there!

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Vicki, I've never had ANY ideas about having a big family. Before I got with DH, I didn't want kids (mainly because my ex husband had many genetic disorders that could kill babies), but pretty soon after we started dating he mentioned he wanted a family. The longer I was with him, the more I *knew* he'd be a great dad if we did have a family. He wants two kids...and we will probably have two, but we better wait a year or so atleast because I'm not a big fan of this pregnancy stuff.

Joan, yeah the OB doesn't seem concerned at all with my weightloss. My mom says it looks like I've lost a ton of weight (I've lost 17 lbs) so I think it might just LOOK like I've lost all that weight because my belly sticks out I want an appt where they tell you how much the baby is weighing. My doc said that some docs can tell by feeling the baby and some need a "special" ultrasound, but I've never been told how much she weighs. I'm not concerned, just curious.