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    Default Ultrasound appointments

    SO yesterday I had to be in Modesto for 2 back to back ultrasound appointments.. One was for an Ob level 2, and one for a Fetal echocardiogram.

    My first one was the ob level 2, they measured all sorts of things, But she is absolutely perfect.. Still head down, could see her hands her feet, her one leg is sorta bent and in ready to kick me action by my ribs, she kept kicking the girl that was doing my sonogram and she said wow your baby girl is really a strong one she must really hurt you. I said yeah she does but i expect it lol if she wasn't moving as good as she does now i would worry. After everything was measured her head arm bones, leg bones the circ of her belly it came to a measurement of 5 lbs.. EEKKKK 5 lbs at 34 weeks oh my.. Shes a big girl.. The lady also pointed out that she has a nice layer of fat already, shes getting chunky. oh and she reconfirmed for us she is still indeed a girl.

    My second appoinment i had to wait for the dr to do the fetal echo, he started measuring things in her heart, everything is perfect.. She is laying on her side facing towards the right but head down, when he tried to look at her heart through the front she decided she was going to fold her little hands with her arms crossed right in front of her heart so he couldn't look as if she knew what he was trying to see.. It was funny.. So he ended up having to shake her a lil to make her move her arms and when she did we could see all of her heart working just perfectly as it should be.

    All in all Very good appoinments and am thrilled she is soo healthy.
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    So happy to hear baby girl is doing so well! Sounds like you have a little stinker on your hands.
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    Congrats, Jenny!! Glad to hear these were ideal appointments!! And she's still a girl hehe..
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    Yay so glad to hear that she is doing well and healthy! I think 5 lbs is pretty normal for now. My pregnancy app says 4.75lbs at 34 weeks so I think she's doing just fine!
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    Great appts!!! I love when they show some personality during ultrasounds
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    Yay for great ultrasounds and a healthy strong little girl! I'm sure it was wonderful seeing her twice in two days.
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    Great news! Thanks for the update!
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    Yay, glad everything was looking good!
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    I'm so happy to hear she's still snug and that her heart looks so good!

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