Ultrasound linked to autism?

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Ultrasound linked to autism?

So DH has mentioned (just tonight) wanting another ultrasound done so we can see the baby again. He's super excited and cant wait I guess? Anyway, we considered going somehwere and getting a 3 or 4 D done but then I remembered a while back hearing that ultrasounds were linked to autism. What do you all think? I've heard different things, some say it could be linked and some say that there is no proof and that there have been many other things linked to autism as well that were never proven either. Just curious what you all think. We've already had our 20 week ultrasound and then we had another one a few weeks back with a cardiologist (it was actaully an echo cardiograph but I'm not sure what the difference is between that and an ultrasound other then it looked closer at the heart and less at the baby as a whole.). Anyway, I would LOVE to get one done but now I'm scared. I dont want to do anything that might harm my baby. Ya know?

PS. I'm so excited that DH is getting so interested and excited about the baby. He hasnt really seemed all that into it. I mean I knew he was super happy about the baby b/c he's wanted a baby since before we were engaged but when I'd talk baby stuff (ie., crib bedding, clothing, strollers... etc.) he'd start to glaze over which made me feel like he wasnt excited about the baby. He has started feeling the baby move and I dont know if that made it more real for him or what but now he's sooo excited. I love it! So cute! :love10:

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Leslie - I've read and read and read and read about ultrasounds. From what I've seen, they're completely safe. I think there will always be *that* study linking ANYTHING to something bad, but as often as they are done - if they were REALLY linked to autism, I don't think they'd be offered like they are. I think you should go see your baby with your DH!!

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We have a 4D U/S scheduled in February.. For every one study that says there's a link, there's one that says there isn't. If you want one, get it - and enjoy it! Smile

DD had a 4D also and she's just fine..

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I honestly think it is fine. If you want to get one, I would go ahead!

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I think its completely fine. Just about everything under the sun is linked to autism or cancer.

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People are deperate to find a reason for autism because we still know so little about it. I can't see how U/S could cause it, they're just bouncing sound waves off the little guy/gal. If you want one, go for it.

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There are so many studies trying to find a 'cause' for autism. (heck - next week there may be one that links consumption of cheerios during pregnancy to autism).

I think they are all BS. My daughter has aspergers (on the autism spectrum) and one of my very good friend's also has a son with Autism (his is very severe) and a nephew with aspergers. None of these pregnancies had more than the general 20 week u/s, if u/s were a cause for autism - all babies would be affected.

Genetics are much more likely to be the 'cause' of autism but folks make money doing study after study...

So enjoy seeing your little bundle during a 3D/4D and don't stress over it. (the next study might show that women who stress during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to puppies Wink )

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I agree with all of the above. I wouldn't worry about it. I *don't *worry about it and I will have had about 8 u/s by the time this pregnancy is over because of the dating u/s, 2 for spotting, 1 NT, 1 anatomy scan, and then once a month in this last tri for growth because of my GD.

I agree with everyone that there is a study that links pretty much anything under the sun to either autism or cancer, and they're constantly being debunked. I think the reason that we've seen an "upswing" in autism is not necessarily that there is a lot more autism around than there used to be, but that doctors are more aware of it, and they have widened the criteria for what falls on the autism spectrum. I'm pretty sure that if they had the same awareness and criteria in the 80's that they had now, my own DH would fall somewhere on the milder end of the spectrum. He has a ton of sensory issues and doesn't always "get" other people's feelings even though he cares about other people, even as an adult.

Anyway, just my $0.02. I don't blame you for being worried because autism is a scary word, but I don't think you have anything to worry about.