Update *with pic*

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Update *with pic*

So I went to the RE today and my old RE was there and I was so happy to see her!! Smile So far so good. I'm 8w6d today so I was bumped up one day. Smile Baby was moving and dancing in there, it was so cool to watch. She even let me look for a min. HB was 177! I was officially released. They all hugged me and wished me the best, it was bittersweet. I have my first OB appt next Friday. I asked her about the bloody mucous and she told me she cannot find a reason for it and not to worry about it, that it can just be an irritated cervix from the progesterone.

Here's my little bean!!

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Look at that cute little bean! How AWESOME that you were released from an RE's care. That means things are going beautifully! I'm so excited for you!

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Awwwwww :biglove: what a gorgeous perfect little bean! :biglove: So happy for you, it looks like things are going great! Yahoo That is so awesome! Have you ever met your OB before?

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oh yeah. i've been going to that office since my first pregnancy.

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What an awesome appointment!! Cute photo of bean!! You can make out the little limbs. The heartbeat is fast, do you think its another girl for you?

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I don't know. Smile She told me the HB will most likely go down soon, that it's usually fast right now.

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Congrats on a good visit! Love the picture! Thank you for sharing!!!