Update from HOME!!!!

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Update from HOME!!!!

First the discharge process was miserable!!! I got discharged by my doc at 7:15 and then of course my day to go home I have the pedi in our office who is my least favorite and does her rounds late because she is not on in the office until 1! So we sat until 12:15!!! Then my DD requested that I pick her up from school yesterday so we all went which ended up being good because we all came home together and it was not like we were here without her.

So we got in and settled and I was due for my pin meds which we dropped off on our way home and they said 45 minutes. So DH went to get them and they said anotherm45 minutes and he had DD with him. He got angry and protective since I was already past my time for more meds. So I took those about 1.5 hrs late so pain sort of sucked! We were worried how DD would be with bed time since Rylee is in the bassinet in our room but surprisingly it went good and she went to bed and DH and I got ourselves and Rylee settled. In this whole process DH and DD have wicked runny noses and coughs. No fevers or anything but still gross and DH is MISERABLE when sick so that was a process of the night. Rylee is sleeping 3.5-4 hours and then eating and sleeping again. This is pretty much all the time which is so different from my DD. she was good but she didn't sleep this much at all!!! But sleeping for 3 hrs on my back in my own bed was amazing!!!

Today we had a pedi appt which we really didn't need but the rounding doc on sat screwed that up so we went in and that was all good. We go back next week for 2 week appt. today I got a few things done around house and pain was good. I decided to cut the meds a bit and see how it goes. I want to be off the Percocet and just on Motrin but if my body says otherwise than I will not force it. I went from 2 Percy's to one at my last two doses and so far it is great. DH went the docs and he does not have pneumonia (his back is killing him) so either viral or allergies so we will see how that goes. He and DD are at swimming lessons right now and Rylee is sleeping while I watch we bought a zoo and sit here lol. I am thinking about going to put away some laundry but thinking is it!!!

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I'm so happy that you're family is back together and you're comfortable in your own home. I hope Rylee keeps up the good sleep!

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Yay for being home again and being able to sleep on your back. I'm jealous. Sorry you are still dealing with pain and your family is sick. Hope everyone feels better soon. And how awesome that Rylee is a good sleeper so far.

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Awesome news that she is being a great sleeper for you right now. I hope she continues that.
Hopefully DH and DD start to feel better real soon.
But..yay for being home and all together again!!!!!!!

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Yay for being home and glad she is sleeping well! Hope your DH and DD feel better and don't share their germs with you. And just keep resting as much as you can, the laundry will wait!

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Oh yay that you're finally home! Glad Rylee is sleeping so well for you and everyone seems to be transitioning good.

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Well today Rylee has the phlegmy grossness that the two of them have grrr. She like gagged on the phlegm and coughe fit up and it sucked and was scary!!! Nothing really to do except keep her up and watch her.

Still eating and sleeping good. I did good on one pain med yesterday and this morning felt like crap a bit so took 2 but then come to find out it was just needing to poop so prob could've still done the 1 and will go back to that at my next dose. DH is at work today so just me and Rylee hanging out. I want to get a few things done today but nothing too much

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Poor Rylee! I hope she doesn't get too sick.

and Yeah for good sleep. Smile I am a little jealous of you....

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Yay for being home, and double yay for Rylee being such a great sleeper. I'm jealous! Reid typically only sleeps about 2 hrs at a time, which means I only sleep about an hour and 45 minutes at a time. Lol I hope she keeps it up for you. I hope everyone at your house feels better soon and that Rylee doesn't get too sick. Sad