Update on Judah and I!

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Update on Judah and I!

Wanted to update while I have two free hands, which isn't incredibly often these days!
After Judah was born, we pushed and pushed to get out of the hospital after 24 hours. DH and I are not fans of staying in the hospital. I get cabin fever and hate being interrupted by a million people about this and that or the other.
So anyway, we were cleared and came home late Thursday night.
My mom has been here since and although she's helpful, I was SO ready for her to leave way before she did. She basically takes over the kitchen and takes care of all the meals and cleanup which is really awesome but she also is really annoying and drives me bonkers. I had a rough night one night and was yelling (don't worry, I took a break from the baby and DH took over) and she freaked out and yelled at me and then I yelled back at her, etc etc and it just wasn't pretty. Then the next day she inserted her two cents about how to raise our kids and basically questioned our love for them. Grrr. I could go on and on; my mom and I have some major issues and she seems oblivious to them.
So while she was here, I spent most of my time on the couch nursing. Judah went to the doctor the day after we got out of the hospital. He was 7lbs 11oz at discharge, 7lbs 9 oz at his first appointment, then we took him back a few days later because we were concerned about jaundice (he just has a mild case, nothing to worry about), and he was back to 7lbs 11oz again! So yay I'm doing something right! Plus, I can go in for a weight check on him anytime if I want to make sure he's gaining. I don't have an appt until 2 months so I'll probably check him at 2 weeks and then at 1 month.
We've been able to do a lot of walks and I've been up for it. It's perfect weather here right now so we need to take advantage before it gets too hot.
Today I took him out by myself for the first time (with my DD) and he slept the entire time; this is really the first baby I've had that has been happy and not cranky all the time because the others I just wasn't making enough milk for.
So all is going really great for us! DH goes back to work tomorrow and I'm more confident now that I can do this, especially since he's eating well. I just need to not try to do everything.
Today I've been really active and all of a sudden I'm really crampy, like constant pain like the beginning of a period. Anyone taking RRL for after pains? I cut back my dosage a couple days ago so maybe I need to be taking more again.

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Glad you and baby are doing well. Smile Just wondering, how many days after having your baby should you take your baby in for a doctor's appt? I'm new at this so I want to make sure I am doing everything right.

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So you were able to leave the hospital at 24 hours or they kept you longer? I will want to leave early too, but they told me protocol is 2 nights...boo. I'm glad your mom came to help, but I totally understand needing some space.

Sounds like you've been active and have lots of energy, that is fantastic! And Judah is fedding like a champ! Not sure about the RRL, but I hope someone answers your question because I want to know.

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glad to hear you are douing well and the nursing is going great! i'm not sure about the rrl so no advice there.

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Thanks for the update Vicki. Glad everything is going well. I would really not like having my mother here like that. She's going to come help, but luckily she lives close and will leave every evening! My mom and SIL had a lot of strife years ago so my mom is very careful about what she says/does...which is good. LOL.

Glad to hear you got out for some walks. Fresh air is wonderful.

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I just had him checked out so we wouldn't have to stay at the hospital another day. They wanted to keep him for 48 hours because of me being strep positive even though I got antibiotics. So I scheduled an appointment with my pedi and told them I had it scheduled so they would feel better about letting me go.
I think it really depends on your pedi as to when you take them in first; a lot of them want to see them at 2 weeks to make sure they're back up to birth weight.

Elizabeth, normal policy is 48 hours but they will make exceptions if you and baby are cleared. We just made it clear to everyone that came in who asked if we needed anything that we wanted to get out by 24 hours. They will have to do the newborn screening right at 24 hours but they let us go after that.

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Slowww down, mama! If you're cramping or starting to bleed, you're doing too much! :bigarmhug: I'm sorry to hear about your mom.. From what I gather she's gone now.. enjoy your time with the fam. Wink

Good job on keeping his weight steady!! Wink