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    Default Update on Kylie

    So we had her 4 month check up on Monday. Dr was very happy with how things are going. She is hitting all of the milestones they like to see at this point. She weighed 13lbs 12oz and 25.5in long. They were pretty happy with that as she has doubled her birth weight and they like to see that around this time as well.
    I noticed when we moved her up to 5oz bottles she started spitting up a ton. So we dropped her back down to 4oz bottles and she is eating everywhere from 2-3 hours on that. Dr said in the next 6-8 weeks we should see the spitting up lessening a lot. He said she is gaining weight and she isn't in any pain or discomfort when she eats or spits up, so he isn't concerned.
    He said he would like us to start her on plain rice cereal. Twice a day(morning and night) After she is on that for a while and doing well we can do the rice cereal with fruits or oatmeal. He also said it is ok to give her just water(tap water boiled) or nursery water. Or we can give her some juice(Gerber fruit juices) as long as we dilute with water so one oz juice one oz water. Next appt he will have us start on some solids probably green beans to start so we will see.
    We did some cereal last night at dinner time and she did very well with it. Here's a picture of her doing cereal yesterday. Sorry if it's so big, I took it off my facebook.
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    Sounds like a great appt!!! Glad she is doing so well
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    Great appointment! Can't believe our babies are eating foods already.
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    I can't see the picture at work. Booo. Sounds like she's doing great though! Glad she enjoyed the cereal.

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    What a cutie! She sounds like she is doing great!!!
    -Alissa, mom to Tristan (5) and Reid (the baby!)

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