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update with pics

Hello all, we had a rough weekend a few weekends ago where she was recovering from shots and cut her first tooth all in the same night. Other than that, she's still the happiest, sweetest baby ever. She's a terrible sleeper, takes short naps and wakes a ton overnight, but goes to sleep easily when nursing or being worn, so it's not too bad. We cosleep overnight, so the nightwakings don't really result in much lost sleep for me. She rolls in both directions now and keeps trying to move, but isn't really getting anywhere, hahaha. She does rotate quite a bit, but can't get further than an inch or two. Anyway, here's a few pics.


Wrapped up on my back:

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OMG! I love her face in the second picture. Love it!

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She's got such pretty eyes! And that second picture is just the best!

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Hahaha, I love that smile in the second pic. So cute, she looks super happy!

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ooh goodness i love her cute little smiles:) So adorable and look at that little tooth.. Welcome to the having a tooth club

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What a happy girl! She is soo cute, and I love that huge grin in the second picture. That is awesome.

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Awwies.. what a cutie!

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Cool wrap on your back! How does she do there?

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"tori729" wrote:

Cool wrap on your back! How does she do there?

Pretty good, until she realizes there's no boobs back there. hahahaha