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    Hi Ladies!
    I have more or less disappeared since Liliana was born-I lurked for a while but rarely posted since I was usually holding the baby and I hate typing with one hand, lol! We are doing great. Liliana was 14 weeks old on Monday. She has been in the 75 percentile for height and weight at both her check ups. She started laughing this last week and laughs and smiles a lot when watching big sister Isabelle play. I went back to work on July 1 and the transition has gone pretty well. We had a few rough days where she had to get accustomed to the bottle as I neglected to introduce them until I went back, but she figured out that daddy only had bottles and now is taking them a lot better. She just found her thumb last week as well and now will put herself to sleep sucking her thumb which makes evenings a lot easier on me as instead of having to lie down with her to nurse her to sleep, I can just nurse until she is done eating, then put her down and she will go to sleep on her own while I put DD1 to bed and finish packing my stuff for work for the next day.

    I hope to be back on here more often in the days to come. Right now things are kind of a blur between being crazy busy at work and in addition to the normal business of a toddler and infant at home, we are trying to finish Isabelle's "big girl" room so we can move her out of the nursery and move Liliana into it. I did get the room painted during my maternity leave, but need to finish up the furniture I am painting and get stuff put away and organized.

    Some pics from within the last month of Liliana

    and a pic of Isabelle's big girl room just after I finished painting as I am super excited that I actually completed a big project! I am very good at dreaming up stuff to do around the house but I very rarely actually do it do to lack of time/energy. Sorry the pics are kind of big!
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    It's great to hear from you!! Liliana is absoultely precious and I love the pic of her sucking her thumb. I'm glad to hear things are going well over there and I LOVE the stipes on Isabelle's room. I hope you can check in more often.

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    Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the update! Liliana is adorable! Love the thumb sucking one! My guy found his thumb a couple of days ago, its nice when they have something always with them to soothe themselves. Isabelle's room is looking great too! I hope you stop by more often and chat with us. It's been a tad bit slow around here.
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    So happy to hear your both doing well! She is quite the cutie! I especially love her in the little giraffe outfit!
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    Glad things are going well! I love the sound when they find their thumb and they go to town! So cute
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    Good to hear from you and see pics - she's really cute and that room is adorable!!!
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