Varicose veins

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Varicose veins

Okay so I didn't throw up, boobs didn't hurt, but I've got a road map on my thighs. Sad I've always suffered from varicose veins all over my legs and now it's just plain nasty what I have going on. Sad I've got the old ones that have gotten bigger and brighter and actually hurt at times, and brand new ones. If my legs stay like this I'm going to be very sad about that. Anybody else got killer veins on their legs now??

Oh and BTW I must admit, that I am just now beginning to see *some* changes on my breasts. My nipples are slightly darker and bigger. Smile

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I noticed that one of the veins right above my knee on my right leg is much darker blue than any of the veins in the same place on my left leg. Is that what a varicose vein is?

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I've never had them. My mom has them, so they might be coming! I'm sure no one notices them but you!

Yay for symptoms though!