A Watched Pot Never Boils

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A Watched Pot Never Boils

And apparently, a watched baby never kicks!

I'm sitting here with my laptop kind of propped up on my belly, and Little Guy keeps kicking my right arm hard enough to bounce it upwards, so I know you could see it from the outside. So I'll stop and wait....and wait...and finally decide that he's done kicking for now and go back to typing. Then, of course, he'll kick really hard again. I've been trying to actually see the kick now for like 15 minutes. There he goes again!!! LOL I wonder if this is any indication of his personality - quite contrary....LOL

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LOL! Same here when I put my hand on my belly she stops kicking!! How cool you can see it. I haven't sat down and actually looked maybe I will try tonight.

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I have the same issue. Only once she kicked me when I had my hand in place, usually as soon as DH's hand (or mine) gets there, she stops kicking.

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I know its still too early for me probably but its killin me!!! I'm ready to see my little man kick and feel it on the outside. CANNOT WAIT!

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Same here, I was studying last week and making flash cards...and I think he liked the noise my pen made or something because he was kicking a lot and then I'd stop and he'd stop kicking. Same thing happens when I feel him kick and I tell DH to get in here, he stops as soon as DH puts his hand on my belly. DH has felt kicking 2x now and he has seen the kicks too! So cool!