We have a sac!!!

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We have a sac!!!

OMG, let me start off my just saying that I was so nervous about today I barely slept, then to wake up to my boobs BARELY hurting! I was just a mess.

I don't know whats up with the odd shape of the uterus it looks like a baby! But the sac obviously is the small black circle measuring 5w2d. I told him about being symptomless and he told me not to worry about it, and also that my HCG was good as well. He also expects it to be over 1000 today. He said once the sac is visible HCG is usually over triple digits. So I'm waiting for that call later on.

I'm so relieved. I go back next Friday. Oh and I guess eating a bowl of olives at 8am might make me look somewhat pregnant!! LOL!!! Oh and he's 99.9% sure it's only 1 baby!

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How BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Hi little bean!!!!!! :love10:

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Amazing! That's great news Marisol!

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Oh yay!! What a cute little sac!! Congratulations again Marisol. I'm so happy for you! Biggrin

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I am so so so happy!!!
Such a cute pic!!!
Think the baby shape is a good sign!!!!!!!!!

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LOL! I hope so! It's the way it was frozen when he took the pic it really didn't look like that in real life! DH first thought was that was the baby!! LOL!!!

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So happy for you! Ps & Ts for you.

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:lurk: Congratulations! That is all great news, measuring a few days ahead too. Can't wait to hear your test results. Smile

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Awesome Marisol! Great news!! And you are measuring ahead Wink

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Thanks girls. I know I'm FAR from being in the clear but it was such a huge relief. After almost 3 years of trying this is huge for us, we are still having a hard time wrapping our minds around it. I guess that's why I'm just so nervous about every single little thing....

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yay!!!!! that is so COOL!! Biggrin

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HCG is 1,226. I believe based on our calculations it should have been about 1500 to fully double, but I'll take it. They want to see me next Friday. Smile

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Yay Mari!!!! Sounds like everything is going great!!! Sooooo happy for you!!!

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That's wonderful! So great that you got to see your bean!

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Smile woo hoo

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So happy for you!!! congrats!!!

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:lurk: Many Congrats Marisol!! HH9ms to you!!! Yahoo