We really tried....

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We really tried....

this past cycle but AF found me early in the A.M.....I'm ok with it because I'm starting a new full time job (after 3 years)on Aug 16... Good luck ladies.... I'll be :lurk: 'ing you

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I'm sorry the witch found you. I lurk...more than I should admit;)...so I've seen you around. I hope everything goes well with the new job and maybe it keeps you busy enough to take your mind off TTC, at least some, and you get a nice surprise soon. :bighug:

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Sorry the witch found you. Good luck, and hope that you find your BB soon. Smile

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keep your chin up girly! and good luck with the new job!! ♥♥♥

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Sorry the witch came.
Good luck with the new job!! Xxx

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So sorry to hear this! Good luck on your new job and on your next cycle!!

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So sorry that stupid witch showed:( Good luck on your new job.

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Sorry that witch found you. Good luck with your new job! Hope to still see you around!

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I still be around lurking and posting from time to time....knowing that we have another income, maybe the new job will help us relax a little bit.....lol