Weak abs, there goes our name, and NO soup for me! (update/vent)

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Weak abs, there goes our name, and NO soup for me! (update/vent)

So it's been a whirlwind week for me. I keep meaning to check in here and then run out of time.
I had an appointment on Wednesday with the "other" midwife and the first thing she said when I got up on the table was "Wow, your abs are really weak. Are you having a lot of back pain?" Well thanks a lot haha! But no, I haven't been having an unusual amount of back pain thank you very much!
I don't think she means to be insulting... she just is sometimes. Smile I was also up about 4 more lbs from a month ago so I'm at 20lbs gained now, which with 8ish weeks to go, if I gain a pound a week, this will be the most I gain in any pregnancy I believe. Blech. Hope I can lose it all!!
So another interesting thing was that baby's heart beat was 141. It's been on the lower end (150-155) most of the time but this makes me believe I may have another boy on my hands! My son's HB was generally in the 140s and my daughters was up in the higher 150s and sometimes 160s. SO we'll see. My m/w also says that generally the lower HBs tend to be boys and the higher ones go either way. Has this been true for you guys?

So that being said, I've been thinking boy more and received the news that my cousin and his wife had their baby boy and they named him Asher... which was our top boy name. Sad Now it's totally not their fault; they weren't revealing the name until birth and we hadn't claimed it either. But that might rule it out for us... and I really liked the name too. And even though they live in WA state and we don't see them that much, I'm close to his sister who sends the kids gifts and such so it might be confusing... so we'll see. We do have other boy names but we just both really liked that one a lot. Anyway...

So to add to my crazy week of running around shopping for all kinds of things, pictures, dinners, appointments, etc. and planning my kids' birthday party, on Thursday night I wake up and (TMI) get sick on the floor and new rug we just got in our bedroom, then clog up the sink w/ the rest because the bathroom door was closed and I couldn't get there in time. I was up 4 times that night puking. It was this crab soup stuff that obviously my body didn't like. Oh and another thing about the party? It's supposed to be at the park, but every day I check the weather and the temperature keeps dipping and the percentage of rain keeps going up and so Friday I have to decide to just have it at our house... which means I have to clean the whole house... and Friday I feel like total crap - tired, NO energy. It was awful. I spent the entire morning on the couch while the kids watched movies and the rest of the afternoon did small things in spurts because I had no energy whatsoever. Oh and did I mention it was my birthday? HA! What a birthday...
My hubby was so wonderful though - he called to check on me on his lunch break and sent me a Groupon for a massage for me and then when he came home he helped out BIG time to clean up the house. I was worried though because my energy was not coming back... then on Saturday in the morning I was still really tired and then suddenly my energy came back after breakfast and some coffee and I've felt "normal" (as normal as you can be for huge and pregnant) for the rest of the day.
SO glad it was just for a couple days! I was worried that this was just how it was going to be for the rest of my pregnancy and that would be bad. And the party went fine - only a few people showed but it was still fun.
So my lesson for this week: don't spread yourself too thin and keep a couple days totally free so I don't get so exhausted. I just can't run around like I usually do anymore!

Thanks for reading all of that!!

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Wow, that sounds like a busy week. I'm glad everything worked out. And Im glad you are feeling better. And I hope you continue to feel well through the rest of your pregnancy. Not much longer at all! Smile

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Glad you felt better! I know how it feels to be completely useless one day and the next feel like maybe I can get up and do something.. Although my useless days are getting more and more.

i'm having a girl and her HB is generally between 130 and 140. It was in the 150's earlier in the pregnancy but has been 130's for 5 or 6 weeks now.

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Wow, sounds like you could use a few days to just relax and unwind. Fat chance of that happening though, right?? As for the heartbeat, DSs was always about 10 bpm higher than this one (which is a girl). It makes me laugh though, because my boy is VERY hyper active, so no wonder he always has a high heart rate ... even in the womb! Hers has started to slow down a bit though as I'm getting closer to her drop date.

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Busy mama! Hope you can find some time to get a good amount of down time before baby comes.
My sons heartbeat was always in the 140's and this entire pregnancy the heartbeat has been in the 140's...and we've had two ultrasounds both showing we have a girl coming.

I'm glad you started to feel better and even without a lot of people showing that the party turned out good.

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With my weekly u/s I always have them check still a girl and it is and heart rate is normally low to mid 140

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Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

I'm so excited that we have one more gender reveal on this board! Sorry your cousin is using your favorite boy name. My cousins, who are also cousins themselves and live right down the road from each other both have girls named Bella. They are only 2 months apart too. I think you can still use Asher if you wanted.

Sorry you got sick from the soup. Food poisoning is never fun. And it makes you not want to eat that again for years. DH and I used to love eating mussels, but a couple years ago on his birthday we ate them and he was sick for like 2 days. So, he refuses to ever eat them again. Boo.

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Well maybe the heartbeat doesn't mean anything after all lol! Baby hadn't been moving around much so was probably sleeping which is why it was lower. I keep wanting to "feel" girl or boy so that made me think boy... but I guess who knows!! It's hard because mentally I can't prepare for either gender and I think about clothing and looks and things but I just don't know so I don't know how to feel. I don't want to "get my hopes up" on a certain gender and then it turn out to be the other and I'm not mentally prepared ya know? This is difficult haha!
Elizabeth, if something like that happens, does it mean food poisoning? It was Campbell's canned soup. I just think if that happens, my body just rejects it for some reason but I don't really know why.