Weekly appt... 37 weeks

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Weekly appt... 37 weeks

Same ole same ole... Fluid was down from 27.8 to 25.6. So still concerned high but not a concern. Babies heart rate was 138 and all else was good. My bp was great and I only gained 1 lb since last week.

I talked to him today about tying my tubes during my csection. I hadn't really considered this before but last week or so I have been so wanted to get his opinion... I still am thinking it over but leaning towards it. We know this is our last and it just seems to make sense for me...

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Sounds like a good appointment! Getting the tubes tied seems like a hard decision even when you know you are done. Good luck with your decision!

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good appt! Deciding to get tubes tied is a hard decision. I know we're done after this, but I'm not sure I could go through with it.

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Happy Term Appointment! :clappy: Congrats on the low weight gain!! Can't believe you're almost done.. :woohoo:

GL with the decision.. Like the other ladies have said, it's so "final" I know I would have a hard time with it..

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I know it is so weird though I feel pretty certain and so does DH and I feel like I am letting what others reactions have been get to me which is really unlike me for the most part. This is personal preference also but I have a hard time with thoughts of how old I would be and stuff to conceive again... like for me my granparents are huge parts of my life as you guys saw when my Nana passed and she was in my life for 35 years... I look at my MIL who had my youngest SIL at 35 and she is now going to be 65 this year... for her to live until this child is 35 she would be 100... I just don't want to be older and have kids and stuff. I am pretty sure I am going to do it but I don't have to make the decision until that moment

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Such a hard decision to make no matter what time frame or situation. Good luck!
This will be our last as well and DH and I agreed that if I ended up in a c-section I would get my tubes tied and if we had a vaginal birth we will be looking into him getting the big V.