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Weekly appt

So I was excited today would be my last u/s since I have per op next Thursday at the hospital. This is my 12th week in a row of u/s monitoring the fluid. So the u/s was good and she is def head downwards but you can't tell how much on the u/s very well. Everything looked good and then I saw the doc and things good we went over some paperwork and such... Then he is like did we schedule an u/s for next week.... Nooooo but we had to. So now I had planned thurs to be a nice afternoon evening with DH and my daughter but now it is pre op at 1 at the hospital and then 330 u/s at the docs office which always runs late so we will be lucky to even have dinner as a fam... Blah! But still hoping I make it to then. I will also work that day until about 11 or 1130 to get my grades done

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I'm sorry they are throwing in another ultrasound on you.
But it sounds like a pretty good appt otherwise.

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Sorry they are messing with your plans for Thursday. But good news is you are having a baby next week!! EEeeek!!

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Yay for having the baby next week, even though you have to go in for one more u/s. At least you get to see her one more time (I love u/s for that reason!) Smile Sounds like a good appt otherwise. Smile

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Yeah I love seeing her too but it actually hurts a ill more each time with how big she is... I really want her to wait til next fri... I am sick thinking of it all the time

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Congrats on a great appointment! Soon you will have your little bundle of joy in your arms! Sending positive vibes and happy thoughts your way! Praying for you too! Smile

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So close! I can't imagine how squished she must look on those U/S this close to the end.