Weird feeling...and noise..

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Weird feeling...and noise..

Last night, I seriously felt like my stomach was growing. Like, right in front of my eyes. It wasn't getting bigger for real, it just felt like it was expanding. Today, I get to work and two people commented on my pants...? I've been in maternity work pants for two weeks, but today they both commented that you can tell I'm in maternity pants. I asked what in the world that meant and they said I definitely look pregnant. maybe my stomach was growing LOL

And, this heartbeat thing is starting to worry me. I read somewhere that the baby's heartbeat gets stronger in week 20. But it sounds different. I've heard it swooshing, I've heard that galloping sound... and now it just sounds like a big drum, but it still has a underlying noise that I can't explain. At first I was thinking maybe there's more than one, but now I'm thinking there might be something wrong. *sigh*

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Jessica, I'm sure you do look preggers - you're halfway done! I don't know if I've ever felt my belly growing before my very eyes, but regardless I'm sure people can tell by now.

As for the heartbeat, please try not to freak yourself out. They will look really closely at the heart and everything else at your appt on Tuesday, and I'm sure they will tell you that everything looks great. Smile

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I've noticed the HB sounds a bit different from time to time, especially if I move the wand. I'm sure it's normal...I was thinking the same thing. I'm more than sure you look pregnant!!

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If you're growing, then the baby's growing! Soon enough, you'll feel lots of regular baby movements and have more reassurance all is well.