well crap

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well crap

I just realized I have guard duty this weekend. First time since March. Too many days away from my sweet baby. Good thing DS has his pre-k graduation on Friday. That gives me an excuse to take the day off to spend with my family. Now I have to figure out where I will pump over there. I guess the bathroom since I'm the only girl that works day shift.

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Hope your drill weekend goes smoothly and quickly!

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Awe that sounds hard. I couldn't do it without crying. Hoping it goes by quickly. Sorry you have to pump in the bathroom, maybe you can find a more cozy spot somewhere.

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Sorry you have it this weekend. Your pumping reminds me of a teacher I know who was in her "room" to pump (it was a book storage closet) and for accreditation there was a fire drill because the school had a fire this year so it was a big thing and firemen had to escort her out once she was done. So crazy the world we live in.