Well shhhheeeee's back....

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Well shhhheeeee's back....

AF is back and soooo strong. This sucks! I am usually 3 days and not strong and last night had to change ny pad like 3 times.

Oh and interestingly.... The bleeding is the same as when I went the hospital. So I looked at the calendar and yesterday was exactly 28 days... So now I really wonder if the last thing was an early first period.

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Ugh, it's been so long since I've had a period I kind of forgot that she'd be back someday. Sorry that she's back already! I didn't get my first AF after T for 6 months, so I'm hoping for the same this time around.

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Oh man, that sucks! I'm hoping mine stays away for a good while.

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Whoa that was crazy fast. Sorry girl, that sucks. I'm hoping I'm one of those who gets a 6 month break from AF.

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Since I don't breast feed I get it faster. But I usually wouldn't care because *knock on wood* my periods are light. One heavy day with cramps and gone by day 3. This is horrible right now

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Ugh, that is not fun.

I hope your uterus remembers how nice the past was and goes back to 3 day periods for you.

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Boo Sad Not fun! Definitely not looking forward to that!

I haven't had AF since February 2011! Smile Breastfeeding kept it away, and I ended up conceiving the week before I stopped breastfeeding this past September.

I hope yours lightens up!

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Man, that sucks! I hope she evens out for you and you can go back to your 3 day period.
In the last 3-4 days I have stopped having the brown/any discharge, so i'm sure in the next week or two AF will be back as i'm not breastfeeding either. With my DS, I stopped bleeding/discharge within week 4 and AF was back at week 6. It was so nice not having to deal with AF the last 9 months. Not looking forward to seeing her again.