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Well Well Well

Well. It's been over 3 years since I've posted on pregnancy.org.

Here I am again. I actually got my account to work lol.

I am shocked, surprised, and elated to have gotten a BFP last week. I wasn't feeling well at all and couldn't figure out why.

With my previous pee stick tendencies many years ago, you would have expected I would have been checking constantly.

Instead, I tested just to see if maybe it was that, or perhaps a nasty flu.

And we have a BFP...

So I figured after a 3 year break from forum posting I'd pop my head in.

Baby #3 expected, although very cautiously. I had no clue about this and am shocked. I'm spotting a lot, so I'm still a bit on the cautious side but wanted to say hello. It's been quite some time. My October 2007 baby Ayden is now about to turn 5. Mina, my May 2009 baby is 3. I am divorced and remarried in May. And what do ya know ...

My signature is way out of date so I've deleted it for the moment so I can update it lol.

Hey everyone Smile


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Welcome,and congrats!!!

I hope the spotting is just that.

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I thought I recognized your name. Congrats on baby #3!!

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Congrats.. Our kids are about the same age! Smile

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Welcome again! Good luck, I hope the spotting is just the normal early pregnancy spotting. Smile

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You know Tristan is in our top 2 of boy names if this is a boy ... I love that name! Thanks for the welcomes - it's great to be here again. Smile

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You have excellent taste in names. Biggrin

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Congrats! I think I recognize you, maybe we were TTC at the same time? I have a September 2009 baby. How exciting to see another BFP!!

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Congrats!!! I spotted a lot once while I was pregnant and everything was fine, but I know it doesn't ease the worry. I am praying for a HH9M!!

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Welcome back! I also thought your name looked familiar. Congrats on the BFP! So exciting!

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Congrats! KUP on your spotting.