Went on my hospital tour!

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Went on my hospital tour!

So we went on the hospital tour tonight. I have to say my hospital is the bomb. They are very pro natural birth and natural everything. The rooms are nice! I'm excited now. I was on the fence about hospital vs. birth center and we ultimately went with the hospital because my midwife is associated with that hospital. The birth center midwives never returned my call.

Anywho, so they allow you to birth anywhere in the room and they have one of those fancy beds that allows all the gymnastics if you want to use the bed. The nurse said they usually try to get you in any position except your back. They automatically do skin to skin contact and encourage breastfeeding within the first 30 minutes. They don't bathe the baby for 8 hours. Maybe all hospitals are this way, but I was super surprised that they are so natural friendly. Yippee!

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That's awesome. It is so great to have a place you are comfortable with. I am changing hospitals this time and they have cancelled all tours for time being with all the flu and sickness. I hope it changes soon

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No, all hospital are NOT like that, so that's really amazing that you have one available with those policies and features. I'm using a different one this time because the one I used last time is not VBAC friendly and has policies that make breastfeeding and other choices difficult.

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So cool! Smile Glad that you feel comfy with your hospital - and choice! Smile

I totally Lol 'ed at the gynastics comment! lol..

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That's awesome! I think that more and more hospitals are responding to the demand for more natural friendly practices, but I don't think they are all there yet by any means, and I think that it's a spectrum too. Mine is pro-mobility and they have a few rooms that have birthing tubs but they are first come first serve. They also encourage skin to skin touch and breastfeeding right away, but I don't recall the beds being "fancy". Smile

Anyway, exciting that you got to see it and that it is very in line with your preferences! Smile

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Glad to hear your hospital is so supportive of natural birth, that's great!

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That's great! I think more and more hospitals are leaning that way as well. The hospital in my area with the highest c-section rate now has midwives working for them and apparently they are really great! I like it because if you're a little unsure about being out of the hospital, you can still have that option but also have someone who encourages natural childbirth.

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*lurker* Hi Elizabeth!

I keep checking in on you here and there, hope you don't mind! Smile

So glad you are liking your hospital and those are great policies! I also love your crib choice! I'll be watching for pics of the nursery when it's completed! Smile

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Hi Mel! Good to "see" you! Hope you are doing well. I still stalk the TOC board Wink I'm glad that you rejoined! I miss my TOC ladies! I will let you know when the nursery is done for sure!