We're freeeee! :) (XP)

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We're freeeee! :) (XP)

We had Bram's weight check follow up today and the little beefcake gained 7 ounces in the past 4 days!!! :shock: He's officially over birth weight (which was 6lbs 12oz), currently at 6lbs 15oz!! :woohoo:

We don't have to go back until 2 months when he'll start getting shots.


ETA - Now we just need him to grow into his clothes! Smile

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Who hoo!!!!!! Awesome news!!!!!

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That is great news!! Yay Bram! Yay mama! He looks tiny in those shorts, what size are they? Don't tell me they are newborn sized.

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Lol No, they are 0-3 months. Biggrin He's a little guy, that's for sure! Smile DH and I keep passing him back and forth and refuse to put him down for very long because we know we're going to blink and he'll be a little boy running around in no time..

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That's great news!

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So glad he is growing like they want him to now!

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WTG Bram!!! I'm sure that is a weight off your mind!

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Awesome news!!! Love the cutie outfit!!!

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lol Sadie totally has to wear newborn everything too or it swims on her as well.. no 0-3s here lol..