what was THAT????

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what was THAT????

Just woke up from a nice nap, thanks dh who came home early from work since my hips felt like the wishbone on Thanksgiving day, anyway... go to the loo and something brown, gooey, slimey came out. Had some blood to it... would this be my "bloody show" or is it just from my exam yesterday and the stripping of membranes??? Kinda starting to feel like things are getting real! and yes this is my 4th child and I feel like it's my first! I swear I have pregnant amnesia or something!

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I bet that's it!!! Whoooo hoo!

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that sounds like bloody show!

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Sounds like it and that things are starting to happen for you! Who hoo!!!!!

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wohoo sounds like it to me too... I bet this is it..

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Sounds like it got sure! Good luck!

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Fingers crossed this is it for you!!