What is it?

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What is it?

Okay so.. Julie has some sort of..rash? on one side of her face and the back of her neck. She's had the redness on the back of her neck since birth, sometimes it's worse than others. Yesterday, I noticed on the side of her face it's red with little bumps. They're almost like pimply looking. I told DH about it, he said that's the side of her face she sleeps on when she sleeps with me and it is. Plus, she sweats like CRAZY at night time. So, ..could this be from sweating and laying on her face? Or possibly because she lays on my shoulder a lot...and I use a different detergent than I use for her clothes?

Oh AND yesterday I noticed that right above her nose is ..crusty? I don't know how else to explain it. It's not red but it's like a whole bunch of hard little bumps.

None of it seems to bother her.

She has a doc appt on Monday and I'll ask, but.. just wondering if this is normal..or atleast normal-ish?

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Sounds like it could be baby acne or some eczema. Dd has eczema but I don't remember when it started

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sounds like baby acne. It's pretty normal and always hit mine around 3-4 weeks old. It looks nasty but pretty much clears up on its own. I hope her appointment Monday goes well!

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Agree - baby Acne. Biggrin Bram gets it on the side he sleeps on if he sleeps on it for a while.. Always feel free to post pics and we can help out that way, too. Biggrin

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Yeah, Judah had some red bumps in his diaper area the other day because he was really hot. It sounds pretty normal to me!