What happened to April?

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What happened to April?

Is it seriously the last day of April? Are some of our babies actually a month old already? We waited forever for April to get here and now it's gone now a flash. Though Elizabeth and Amanda may not feel that way, lol.

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I agree, the month of April flew by. I can't believe that Reid is 5 weeks old already. Fastest month ever!

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Totally agree. Headed to Rylees one month appt in a few and I can't believe it

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I agree, this month has just flown by...it needs to slow down a little...once everyone has their babys of course! Smile

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Totally agree. Felt like for-EVER to get here and this month has flown by! I was like..what? She's almost three weeks old? Geez!

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I'm super sad that tomorrow is my "I'm half way back to work" mark. Sad This time is flying WAYYYY too fast! Sad