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    I'm adding one... I havent thrown up in a while so I thought I was over this... NOPE! I had some cran-grape juice yesterday and I think thats what did it. We were going to our friends house last night to hang out for a little while and I walked out to get in the car (didnt feel nauseous or anything) and before I could get to the car I threw up in the bushes beside the car... A LOT! (thank God we were still at home and I didnt barf in our friends bushes instead) My husband was like "Omg are you okay?!" and I said, I need to go brush my teeth but I'm fine and now I'm ready for a cheeseburger. LOL My body is so weird right now.
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    Leslie, HAHA!! I do the same, throw up and then I'm like...whoa I'm hungry! Let's eat! LOL
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