What size clothes are LO's in?

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What size clothes are LO's in?

Kylie had her one month DR appt last Monday at 5 weeks. She weighed in at 8lbs 12oz and 22in. She is 6.5 weeks today.
She is still using newborn size diapers as we tried a size 1 and they are huge on her. She didn't leak out of them or anything so we know that we could move her into them and will be fine, but newborns are fitting good right now.
She is also mostly still in newborn size clothing. I have her in a 0-3 month size onesie today that really hangs down off of her and a pair of newborn size shorts that fall off of her when we pick her up. I struggle with clothes for her as I don't want to keep buying newborn for the fear that she will wake up one day and not be able to fit into them at all(because she is pretty long so the newborn stuff will quit fitting in length before just being to small in general), but anything sized bigger she just seems to swim in. Went to Kohls today with my mom and saw the cutest outfit but the smallest they had was 3 months and i'm not sure she will be able to fit into it by the end of the summer with the way things are going. LOL

I really need to figure out how to put pics on here. I HATE using photobucket...any other suggestions?

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Not sure how much Henry weighs, his one month appt is tomorrow. But I have him wearing 0-3 month clothes during the day because he wears cloth diapers which are huge. At night he wears his newborn jammies because we use disposable dipes at night. But some of those are fitting pretty tight now.

I would probably buy a size bigger for her, because they really can grow over night.

I need to post pics too, but I also hate photo bucket. Wish there was an easier way.

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Well my kids always outgrow height first. So if something is not closed feet like a sleep n play she is ok in 0-3 but for sleepers she needs to go to 3-6 or 6 because she clocked in at 24 3/4 inches today. She is big on the weight too but close still fit ok. Today she wore a ill dress romper thing and was okay in the 0-3 and same with the onesie for bed since it is a million degrees!!!

I agree with Elizabeth that I would buy bigger. Rylee went up 2lbs and 2 inches in just 4 weeks. My friends son just turned 2 and isa peanut and still wears 12-18 mos clothes... Where she is long I would say she prob will grow out

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Emma just stated wearing 0-3. I actually teared up a bit when I discovered her nb sleeper didn't fit anymore, lol.

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:lurk: Such cute, little babies! Just makes me smile and be envious because my boys are born so big that they only wear NB clothes and diapers for about 7 days. Then it's on to size 1 dipes and 3 month sleepers!

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Yes, I agree, buy bigger since they can grow so fast, and they can wear too large clothes if they have to, but not so much too small clothes.

Reid is in 3-6 month clothes now. I had to drag a whole new box out of the basement!

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I had been struggling to get Julie into NB clothes. She's fine weight wise, but she's too long for most of them. Well, all of them now. She's completely out of NB diapers. I have a few of the Huggies NB left, but I'm so pissed off with Huggies that I just chucked them in the closet, lol. So, she's in mostly 3 mo clothes now. They fit much better. Even though, I put a pair of 3 month pants on her and they were a little tight. I was like...geez LOL

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Just this morning I took all her newborn size sleepers out of the closet. They fit just fine weight wise but she is too long for them. So I will be packing them up in a tote and all her other clothes will go into as well as she grows out of them. I'm going to be keeping them for my brother just in case he gets a girl. Him and his GF are talking about getting married and she wants babies soonish as well.

Now we have some more space in the closet..hmm...LOL

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He is getting too small for newborn now but part of it is his cloth diapers which make his onesies tighter. He is longer too though so I'm sure there are some sleepers that wouldn't fit him now but lately he hasn't been wearing sleepers because it's too hot. He is starting to get too short for his nb pants and fits into the 3 month ones now.