What a weekend..

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What a weekend..

I went to go visit my mom on Friday. I found out later DH was off this weekend and he was gonna come up there as well. It's a three hour drive, but he was on board because my mom owns land and he wanted to hunt on it. So anyway, he got there around 1030 at night. From that time, to Saturday night at 1030, I threw up. Constantly. Mom was freaking out wanting me to go to the hospital (which is like...50 miles away from her), DH was out hunting so he didn't see all of it..but it was ALL liquid and I couldn't keep anything down. I mean nothing. No water, no gatorade. Today, my stomach hurts, but only because I threw up so much. It's hard for me to move around because I'm so sore. Atleast I stopped throwing up, but dang! I assume I caught a bug - my pregnancy issues haven't been like this.

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Oh jess! That sounds horrible! Are you able to keep fluids down today?

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Sounds like you did catch a bug! Sad Any fever?? :comfort:

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I had that about a month ago, it was a stomach bug. Everyone in the family had it. I'm so sorry, it's so terrible to be sick like that while pregnant. I hope you recover quickly.

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Oh no, sorry Jessica. That sounds awful. I hope you are feeling better now. Did you see a doc?

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Jess you seriously need a break!! :bighug:

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Oh my gosh, Jessica, you poor thing. You cannot catch a break, can you? I hope that you are feeling much much much better today. How awful!