What in the world...?

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What in the world...?

Okay ladies, I have a question...

I've been joking around and blowing it off but are anyone else's pants tight? Just around the waist? My work pants have gotten a lot tighter.. I don't have any kids and I KNOW I'm not showing yet, what gives? I'm not eating any differently - if anything it's less because m/s strikes at any moment, plus I've been trying to drink water instead of soda..so I dunno what's going on.

A friend of mine already had to break out her maternity clothes, but she's already had 3 kids and they say you show faster after you have kids...

Ugh.. if this keeps up, I'm gonna be 9000 lbs

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LOL, I'm the total opposite. Zero appetite, and I'm losing weight. I hit my lowest weight since my teens yesterday, I knew I made a good call telling them to take my wedding dress in another inch.

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My pants got tight when I was pregnant last time pretty early. I was only 4-5 weeks before jeans were really uncomfortable. I was okay if I wore lower cut ones but nothing could cover my belly button and sitting down was uncomfortable. I think it was the day that I had a bruise from my button that my mom and DH decided maybe I should get some looser clothes. Lol. I got some drawstring pants from Old Navy and wore those for another week or so before I needed maternity pants. I was only 7 weeks when I was in maternity clothes. I had lost 3 pounds too. Lol. I don't think it's technically showing at that point but it all depends on your size and shape I think and also the size and shape of your uterus. That was my first pregnancy also. I'm really short and in pretty good physical shape and my mom just said she thought I showed because it had no where to go. The doc's office also commented on it saying it had something to do with the shape of my uterus. They didn't think it was weird at all. So a variety of reason it could happen I guess. Smile

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With my second pregnancy I was in maternity clothes at 8weeks!

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Jessica - (it really feels weird typing that since that's my name too) - I definitely haven't lost weight. I don't really have an appetite, but I keep snacking because if I get hungry I get miserable. When I DO get hungry, I eat...and then regret it. I raced home today for some spaghetti I made last night. mmmm.... ate it, five minutes later was telling myself that was soooooo stupid...lol

Leah - I'm glad to hear you say that. I'm short as well. My work pants are jeans and I don't have to lay on the bed and suck it in to button them (haha) but they're tight. And sitting down is not fun. And I went to a bday party the other day and wore shorts and had to stand up the ENTIRE time! By the doc's EDD, I'm 6 weeks today. I broke down and bought some bigger clothes. I busted out of my bra yesterday, today the underwire of my other one broke out and my 3rd one is way too tight. LOL I'm a hot mess. OH AND I looked in the mirror and I have new stretch marks on my tummy!! Geez...

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I was telling DH just yesterday (before I got the positive) that my loose pair of jeans were not buttoning up too easily. My shorts were tight too today and I'm 9dpo. I'm only 5' tall, so maybe it is a short person thing.

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I think it's about your build, and also probably has to do with bloating. I didn't show at all until I was about 15 weeks with my first, but this is my 4th pregnancy and I swear I'm already showing something (may not technically be the baby since the baby is tiny, but something...lol) even though I've actually lost a couple of pounds. I'm just so freaking bloated. I tried putting on my skinny jeans last night and it was sad...they still buttoned and zipped okay, but it was like they pushed all of the bloat up and out the top. Not cute. Whatever, for the next 8 months I vow to care a lot less about "cute" and just wear elastic pants and be grateful for the pudge if it means my baby is healthy and happy in there. Smile

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I'm only in the 5th week and I had to buy maternity pants.

I'm a very small person.

It has completely popped with bloat and I cannot fit into anything.

I'm in maternity shirts and pants already - mainly to stay comfortable.

It's not like I'm showing. I'm clearly bloated, but I need to be comfortable.

It's kind of cute really. I was planning on posting a picture later Smile