Whats everyone up to this weekend?

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Whats everyone up to this weekend?

Things have been slow on this board this week. But I'm curious what everyone is doing this weekend?

I have my work shower today. Just a couple of us and 2 ex-coworkers are coming. And tomorrow is my family shower that DH's mom is throwing. But it may be cancelled and recheduled bc her cousin is in the hospital and not doing very well. I will know more tomorrow morning. I also registered for this divine consign event to shop for used baby and maternity items. I'm planning on searching for some maternity shirts. I am taking my pregnant frien with me and my SIL is also going, but not sure we will meet up. On sunday, I plan to be lazy.

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No special plans. I am hoping to get some more cleaning and organizing of the prepping for baby variety done, but we'll see. I have to go grocery shopping at some point-I hate grocery shopping on the weekends, but I normally go Thursday nights which I did not last night since we were celebrating Valentine's Day, so I have to get that in at some point. I always have big plans for getting things done on the weekends, then my body ends up pooping out on me. Last Sunday I spent most of the day resting as I was having tons of uncomfortable BH all day. I've been fine all week so hoping I won't get a repeat this weekend.

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Well this weekend is going to be one of keeping busy and my mind off things. I need to write the eulogy for my Nana which I hope to get done tonight. Tomorrow we have a birthday party for one of my daughters friends which is kind of far away so that is a pain. We are planning to do finishing touches on both girls rooms this weekend and then Sunday my MIL is having bday dinner because mine was last Sunday and DH is this Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday are going to be nuts with the wake and funeral but it is school vacation week so hopefully I can get some down time.

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Well, today the ... I don't know what you call him, the restoration guy came by to make sure the estimate $ amount matches the estimate of the work that actually needs to be done. I had to shut my dogs in the room and of course JoJo peed. They're used to going out RIGHT when I get home from work and...that didn't happen, so I'm not mad at her. I got off of work early because they were supposed to be here at 12, but they pulled in literally right in front of me - at 1130ish. :rolleyes: good thing I got off work early.

I bought a deep freezer at work today - when you buy one, you get the entire amount back in different coupons to use. DH and I will go pick it up when he gets home tonight, then he says he wants to clean out the car. Last night he said that we were going to spend time together tonight and start on setting up the crib and stuff. I guess his "spending time together" is picking up the freezer and cleaning out the car LOL. We won't have time to start on the crib after he gets home and we get all that stuff done. But I guess it's the thought that counts.

Tomorrow I work for a little bit in the morning...DH probably works all day. I think I have something planned but I can't for the life of me remem.... OH! We're going out to dinner with his mom for a little post-Valentines thing. Sunday, DH will probably work (poor guy never gets any days off) and I'll be lazy until about an hour before he gets home then do laundry and sweep or something to make it look like I've been busy all day LOL

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We don't have much planned. My dad and brother are going up into northern WI about 5 hours from where we live to go snowmobiling with some family. So i'll probably head over to their house to do laundry and spend time with my mom at some point. I'd really like to get some cleaning done around the house. The entire house would be nice, but i'm sure that won't happen. Other then that, nothing exciting.

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DH is supposed to be finishing up his peice of the nursery this weekend (touching up the paint, re-arranging the furniture, setting up the crib) so I am going to go through and start pulling stuff out of the basement and washing it now that I'm going to actually have a place to store it.

Other than that, I think we will be spending time DH's grandma. Unfortunately, she is expected to pass at any time now (she has been in hospice care for months now, but now the hospice workers are telling us that they see a lot of signs that the end is really near) so we are thinking that this weekend may be the end or close to the end.

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Well, DH got home tired as heck. We did manage to grab the freezer from work, but then we just sat on the couch. He promised me last night that he'd stay up tonight. I rolled my eyes at him, but tonight when he said he was going to bed I got really sad. It's not even 8 o'clock. He gets home and we sit on the couch for like an hour maybe an hour and a half..some of that is spent with me in the kitchen or the shower or him in the shower, so it's not like the whole time we're chatting each other up. Anyway, he felt bad so he was going to stay up, but I made him go to bed. I know he's working all this OT so we can save up money for when I go out on mat leave so I try to understand, but I'd really like to spend some time with him. I know I need to put on my big girl panties and suck it up.

Alissa, I'm sorry your DH's grandmother is getting to that point. I hope things go easy for her when the time comes. (((Hugs)))

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I think DH and I might work on the crib today.. but he's still snoozing. Gonna do some laundry and go to the store We hurting for food. lol.. I don't want to buy too much b/c I meet with the dietitian this coming week I think and will determine foods to eat then.

I work tomorrow - and am NOT happy about it. :pissed: But, at least I have a job. Can't complain!

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Rebecca- Hope the BH contrax dont come this weekend and you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Aimee-sounds like you are super busy. Good luck with the room prep and have fun with all the b-day celebrations. Im sure its tough with your nana's funeral. At least you will be surrounded by family.

Jessica-Im jealous of your deep freezer!

Alissa-Good luck with the nursey set up! Sorry to hear about DH's grandma. I will keep her in my thoughts!

Jill-Snowmobiling sounds fun, too bad you have to miss out. I will be tackling laundry this weekend too.

So my family shower today is back on. Going to get dsw shoe gift cards for the hosts in a minute and Im out for the rest of the day. Hope everyone has a great day!!