When will you....

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When will you....

I've only told a couple of close friends and I'm curious who you have announced the news to.

So if you haven't already, when will you tell:

1) Your family
2) Your friends
3) Your coworkers/employers
4) Facebook

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1) We are telling DH's family after the sono and at his grandma's 90th b-day. We are contemplating telling my family next weekend bc my brother is getting married and they will know what's up if I'm not drinking. Plus I don't want them to ask at my bro's wedding and ruin the spotlight.

2)I've already told a couple of girlfriends. We will tell the rest of our friends after the sono

3)I'm not sure when to tell my work peeps..looking for advice here.

4)I'm thinking of not doing a fb announcement until after the gender is known. Don't know why, I guess I don't like too much attention.

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I've told everyone. The FIRST person I told was my boss, but I think that's because I took the preg test at work and I was very quiet and resigned sitting at my desk (not like me)... He walked by and asked what was wrong, ..I hesitated, then said, "I'm pregnant."
Not that being pregnant is a bad thing - but I've had two losses and I wasn't expecting much better with this one. I think that's the reason WHY I told everyone.. I need support and sympathy when something bad happens.

FB was the last one. I told my dad last (he's happy for me, but we've never been real close)...and then put it on FB for the rest of the extended family and friends.

I have to tell my work peeps first. I do a lot of lifting and when I found out, I have to stop lifting that stuff. So, I tell everyone and get them to do it for me Smile

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Providing everything goes well at the ultrasound on Friday:

1) Your family: I've already told my sister, because we work together, and spend a LOT of time together. We were going to wait another two weeks to tell our parents, but might wait longer now. We plan to tell everyone we're related to the second weekend in October, I think I'd be 13 weeks then.
2) Your friends: I've told my best friend, and another close friend. I'd like to wait until we tell our family to tell our friends.
3) Your coworkers/employers: Same as above, I need to give them a lot of notice. I'm kind of self trained, and the only person at my work who does what I do. It would take a lot of training to gear someone else up to take over my position.
4) Facebook: Never? Is that an appropriate answer? I'm contemplating deleting my FB account anyways, I want to get back to calling people, and having people call me instead of getting the play by play on FB and never actually communicating.

I'm crossing everything that we see a heartbeat on Friday, that'd put my mind at ease, and I can keep getting stupid excited dreaming up ways to tell everyone.

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We told family already, a few very close friends, and my office (there's only 6 of us and we are very close). I plan to post on FB after the heartbeat ultrasound, God willing.

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1) I already told my mom when I talked to her on the phone the other day-wasn't going to but she made some comment about me getting pregnant (she knew we were planning to start trying soon) so I told her. I will tell my dad and sibs on Labor Day weekend when we go visit and the extended family after my first OB appointment and they confirm a heartbeat.
2)I will tell my friends after the first trimester.
3) Also will tell work at the end of the first trimester unless I pop out too much before then.
4)I'm not on Facebook so won't post anything there.

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1) Your family - My immediate family already knows. We told my parents, DH's parents, and our siblings right away because they know about our previous losses and would want to know so they can support us either way. We also told DH's grandma because she is on her deathbed (literally, she is in an acute hospice center right now) and she dearly wanted us to have another child, so we wanted her to know before she passes. DH's cousin and his wife also know because they were over picking something up from our house and I had accidentally left an u/s pic out on the counter. I realized after I let them in, but there was no real way to go move it without acting suspicious, so I hoped they just wouldn't notice. They did. Blum 3 The rest of the family we will probably tell at/around Sukkot (Jewish holiday that starts at the beginning of October this year) since that is probably the next time we'll all be together and I will be about 13 weeks then.

2) Your friends - Already told my closest friends

3) Your coworkers/employers - Already told my boss because I knew I was going to have a lot of drs appointments and didn't want her to think I was just making lame excuses to leave early all of the time.

4) Facebook - After everyone I plan to tell irl knows.

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The day we found out the entire family did too!! Such a long time waiting! My coworkers which are also my closest friends know as well but that's it so far. Oh and I think DH told some of his friends.

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Well, my DH made it Facebook official, so I guess I might as well post it now. I love that he's so excited but I wish he'd kept our secret longer!

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1) Your family - if not this weekend, then the next. We are going to see my family next weekend so we might wait until then so we can tell them in person. And then we would just call DH's family since they don't live close. I might send a cute preg test text to my SILs.
2) Your friends - Actually a couple of my friends already know; everyone else will know after we tell family.
3) Your coworkers/employers - n/a
4) Facebook - After everyone "important" is told. Smile

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I am so awful. Aside from my husband I haven't told a soul. I am so afraid to, I just can't get the words out. I don't know what is wrong with me.

1) Your family -Soon I guess although I don't see them a lot because they don't live near me.
2) Your friends -This will probably be the first group I tell. I was a drinker and I have already attended two parties drinking water, so if they haven't really figured it out I will have to tell them soon.
3) Your coworkers/employers -I am afraid to really tell these people because our busy time of year is the end of March early April. I don't want them to think I am abandoning them.
4) Facebook -Never haha this would probably be the easiest one to tell though because I wouldn't have to actually speak to anyone.

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1) Your family - We're having a cook out next weekend after my first appointment so once everyone arrives I'm having da husband change our sons shirt for one that says "BIG Brother" and see who gets it first Smile
2) Your friends - They'll find out shortly after I send them a pic of my son in his shirt
3) Your coworkers/employers - I've told one co-worker just so someone knew in case something happens while at work but I'll be telling my boss soon, probably the Friday after my Dr. appointment.
4) Facebook - Will probably change my photo to one of my son with his new shirt Smile

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Easy answer to this question I've already told everyone.

Co workers found out when they heard me on the phone (I didn't realize the door was open).

I told my Facebook and family almost right away Smile