when are you testing?

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when are you testing?

I am going crazy wondering where all the POASers are? I am really REALLY trying to wait until Monday to test. If I buy a test today or tomorrow, I will wait until at least Sunday because that is when AF is due.

When are you other lovely ladies testing?

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I tested this am and bfn so I am going to test again on Sunday. Not really sure if I o'd when I thought I did and either way it is super early soo... still in the dang waiting period.

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I'm going to wait until Monday Smile

Already told FH that I'd test on Monday too, plus I think all of the stores are closed that day because of the holiday. Might need to go buy a few FRERs tomorrow or Sunday.

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TRYING to hold off until tomorrow morning. I have a test just sitting there...staring at me....

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good luck ladies!!!! ♥

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I have tests sitti g in my cupboard, but i will not test unless af doesn't show. I'm not holding out much hope though, but if by chance i do need to test it will be next Sunday or Monday

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I am going to try and hold off to Saturday.
Although I have loads of tests so I may start ridiculously early!
Saying that... Not too sure of my chances.
Although we had nookie on the day before and day of + opk and day after we didn't get one I. Today as df couldn't finish... So if I o'd today instead of yesterday.... Will they tonight.

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AF isn't due until this coming Saturday (even though I think I o'ed on a Thursday) so I probably will at least wait until the end of the week. Unless I feel implantation pain (I did with Noel.) then I might test sooner. We'll see!

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I'm only 5dpo now so I probably won't test until Saturday or Sunday and maybe only then if I have "symptoms". I really hope I do! O surprised us this cycle as in went to the doc for u/s and found out that I'd O'd a day or two before! Thankfully, we decided to get started early this cycle so I should have had 3 possible chances for it to have taken so that's pretty good I think. Smile Trying to pretend I have no idea what DPO I am though until then. Lol.

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Going to try and wait to test on Saturday. I will be 10dpo then. Of course there is always the chance that I will break down and test on Thursday. It wouldn't be out of character for me Wink

Leah, good luck forgetting what dpo you are. I actually do forget, but the moment I forget, I check FF. Aghh.

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I'm weak, and tested tonight! Check the TWW thread for results Wink

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Elizabeth - I probably won't forget what DPO I am at all. Lol. It's not so hard in the beginning but the closer I get to being able to test the more aware I am of it all. Work starts back next week...too bad it couldn't be this week. Then I'd at least have a chance of being too busy to think about it. Lol.

Jessica - I posted on your other post in DYSAL but YAY!!!! Can't wait to see tomorrow's results!

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I tested last Thursday (4 days late) and got a BFN so I am going to wait a wholllllle week and if AF hasn't shown I will test again.


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Just tested this morning on a whim... I will put the results in the 2WW thread.