Where did all my symptoms go...?

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Where did all my symptoms go...?

I'm off today. So, I slept in. I woke up 3 times during the night to pee...and my boobs are still sore so I guess not EVERYTHING is gone. But, generally as soon as I open my eyes, I'm popping a Zofran for m/s. This morning I got up, ate a completely unhealthy (but delicious) breakfast...and no m/s? The last pill I took was yesterday around 8pm. This has me worried.. While I'd love a break from it, it was making me feel "better" about the pregnancy..

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I do that sometimes- feel wonderful in the mornings and then WHAM it kicks me on my butt! Be happy and take any amount of "normalness" that you can! LOL! I always like to say, "Don't borrow trouble!" Everything is going great so far!

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"jenhawk" wrote:

I do that sometimes- feel wonderful in the mornings and then WHAM it kicks me on my butt! Be happy and take any amount of "normalness" that you can! LOL! I always like to say, "Don't borrow trouble!" Everything is going great so far!

I agree! I think it's common for symptoms to come and go and vary in intensity. Sounds like you still have plenty of other symptoms, so for now I would just enjoy the break. Smile

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You know these symptoms are starting to get annoying (or in my case lack of symptoms....LOL) What's up with that!! Don't you wish you can have an U/S machine in your house!! Smile I'm already looking into getting a doppler, they have some good ones on Ebay.

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Yep...totally normal. I went in for an emergency u/s because I had lost all my pregnancy symptoms when I was 8 weeks. The u/s showed a very healthy baby! My RE said it is perfectly normal for symptoms to come and go. About a week later my symptoms came back with a vengence so I say enjoy it while you can! Smile

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I seriously do wish I could buy an ultrasound machine for my house. I am so ready to be done with the first tri!

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Well.. it came back. I headed it off with a Zofran, but I'm still sitting here thinking about NOT throwing up. YAY!

I was lurking on other boards...mainly the ones due in a few months..and they all have clothes and cribs and nursery's. I'm not buying anything until I go into labor. Then I'll send someone to the store. lol. I know it's not rational, but I'm scared of jinxing myself.

Also, we just moved into this house last month. I have a 12 month lease, which means baby will be born here. Which is fine - I live in a very nice, quiet neighborhood. However, there's not another bedroom. We had planned on moving in with DH's mom after the end of 12 months is up, to save money and get together a down payment for our own house...and I'm not sure how the MIL would feel about a newborn coming into her house. Hmm.. I know that's a long way down the road..but ..just pondering..

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Glad you are back to normal, but sorry you feel crappy!

As far as the house only having one room, I didn't use the room we had set up as a nursery for dd until she was several months old. We just had a pack n' play next to our bed (although in our case, we ended up with her in our bed as she refused to sleep unless being held or lying right next to me/DH until she was about 8 months old.) When they are little, I think it is much easier to have them in the same room since they wake up so often at night. I guess you and your DH will have to sit down with MIL and discuss with her about moving in with a newborn, but you do have some time to work it all out.

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Ha its funny how that works. I sometimes wish to have nausea bc it would mean I'm really pregnant, but the reality is that it would suck. I need to work.

I hear ya on the living situation. Yeah we live in a one bedroom duplex and are looking to move into something bigger in january. We wanted to buy, but we will have to hold off since my insurance doesn't cover maternity care and we are paying for the prenatal care and birth out of pocket. Since you have a house you can probably do with the one bedroom. Our duplex has no insulation and we hear EVERYTHING...so bringing a baby here is not an option.

Good luck to ya!