Where do you keep Bibs?

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Where do you keep Bibs?

Do you keep these in the kitchen or baby's bedroom?

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Kitchen. We really didn't use bibs until T started eating solids, and he never did that in his bedroom. Wink

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Yeah I know these won't be used for awhile, I'm just trying to find a spot for everything. My kitchen is tiny, but that makes the most sense to me. I do have a buffet thingy in the dining area, maybe I can clear a spot there for them! I only have 2 so far, so they'll fit for now!

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No special place until we are ready to use them. We have a couple of book shelves in our room that we will be using for her stuff that doesn't hang in the closet so thats where they will go.

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We had soooooooo many bibs and so they were in kitchen and drawer in her room too lol. She used them when she started eating but on her own she ripped them off so it didn't last too long haha. My cousins newborn wears one all the time and she is 1 mos and I think it's nuts lol

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Plastic drawer tub in the kitchen

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If your baby spits up or drools a lot then they might be wearing them way before solids. I think I kept some in the kitchen and some in the bedroom.

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We kept her cloth bibs in a bin in her room-we used those all the time when she was little and drooling/spitting up so they went on with her clothes as part of her outfit each day. We kept/keep the plastic pocket bibs that are mainly for eating in a drawer in the kitchen-we have much fewer of that type of bib.