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Thread: White noise

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    Default White noise

    Emma is an insanely light sleeper. She rarely seems to enter that limp limb, deep state of sleep. This makes for short naps and frequent night waking and lots of us resettling her. We have found its a bit better in her tummy, but nights can still be rough. Tonight, I remembered my 5S's and gave her the paci, laid her on my chest, and put some loud *** white noise on. We have an air purifier in the room and I thought it would be enough, but it's not that loud. She still only slept for two hours, but it was solid sleep so it's still a huge improvement. Guess I better shop for a noise machine! (i was using an app on my phone, lol.)

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    I have a speaker that you can plug your iPad or iPhone directly into. We downloaded womb sounds onto an old iPad and use that every night. So if you happen to have something like that (I think we got ours from Walgreens for like $20) that is an option, rather than having to go out and buy a white noise machine that can only be used to make white noise. It seems to help Reid sleep too, and if nothing else it drowns out most of the household noise. Our four year old can be loud.
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    I have an app that i use too and you can turn it up pretty loud. I think its called Relax and Sleep. I actually used to use it for dd and sometimes myself if i take a nap when the kids are up.
    We also have the sleep sheep but we havent used it much yet but whrn we move j to the nursery which is right next to the kids room i will use it more.
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    We use an old radio tuned into a non-station, so just static.

    Yeah for a little more sleep!
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    I have the sleep sheep and then my swing, and pack n play all have nature sounds. But none of these work when he is upset...just the vacuum.

    I didnt think to download an app...I will check those out!
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