Who's still checking the TP?

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Who's still checking the TP?

I look at it EVERY SINGLE TIME I wipe. STILL.

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me. :oops:

I think it's turned into an obsession from when I was bleeding before my Rogham shot.. I was thinking just this morning, "When am I going to stop this??" :annoyed:

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I didnt use to, but after spotting a couple times last week ive been checking it everytime!

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Me. Every time. Including kind of turning it to look from different angles just to make sure. I blame 6 weeks of spotting....and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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I was lucky to have never had any spotting, however, I do always check the TP.

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BAHAHAHAHA about turning it to different angles.

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I still look everytime even though I've never had spotting (knock on wood). Cant help it, its like a reflex.

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I totally check it every single tim!! And like Alissa I turn it in different angles!

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I check it every time too, its a habit now so I doubt I will stop anytime soon!