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Why won't my little girl lay down by herself? She sleeps for HOURS and it's great! but she's gotta be on my chest. Not the most ideal way of sleeping. I know she's supposed to sleep on her back, but as SOON as we lay her down on her back she gets fussy, then starts to scream. I keep sleeping on the couch so I can have her to one side without worrying about her rolling off, but I'd really like to get back in my own bed...and have her sleep in her bed.

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It's common for the first few weeks. Just remember, she was inside you resting to your breathing motions. It's a hard adjustment to sleep alone!

Just keep trying to put her down in the crib/bassinet. I still have to gently rock Tim back and forth once he is in the bassinet to get him to sleep.

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A very common problem Wink

I would often give in and let them sleep on me when they are so tiny, but eventually you have to just keep trying to put them down. You could try laying a worn tshirt of yours flat underneath her in the crib or bassinet, sometimes they like to smell Mommy Smile

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Yep what those ladies said! But, I hope you get some good sleep in soon.

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It won't last forever but in my opinion and only my opinion don't do it for too long or you will have a bad habit. A mom I work with did this and her son was very delayed in walking and now he still has some issues but this was a long time she wore him for everything!!! She also got to the point of climbing in crib and sleeping with him. Daycare was a nightmare because he cried and had to be held all day and it was not practical with other babies so I always felt like poor thing was miserable...

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My DS1 was very mommy attached and we ended up cosleeping until he was 8 months old. I've heard the first bit of time after their birth being referred to as the 4th trimester. They just aren't ready the day they are born to be detached from mama...some are much more difficult than others though. IMO based on the experience I've had it's very dependent on their personality. My DS2 actually preferred his own space. That was a nice surprise b/c I had prepared myself for another high maintenance baby. Just keep doing what works for you, trying every so often to help her become tolerant of more separation. Those early days are just not easy but do try to enjoy that time b/c as a BTDT mom I can tell you it is so very brief in the big scheme of things and those late night snuggles and watching those sweet expressions as they sleep are some of the best moments. Smile

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Try your shirt, some white noise, or a vibrating bouncy chair, and a swaddle. I actually just let mine *gasp* sleep on their side or stomach if none of that worked.

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My little girl is the same way. Right now, I'm just doing what I need to so we all get the most sleep possible.

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"SandiCarr" wrote:

Try your shirt, some white noise, or a vibrating bouncy chair, and a swaddle. I actually just let mine *gasp* sleep on their side or stomach if none of that worked.

Yep, I let mine sleep however they sleep best. Only one of mine has been a belly sleeper. My DS2 liked to be on his side, especially since he was used to lying on his side to nurse at night in bed with me.

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this is our 4th and all of ours have co slept, and slept on my chest... now I will add that I've cut it shorter w/ each one because I created a monster w/ our 1st lol. But I agree w/ all the pp it's just an adjustment period, and IMOHO Do whatever gets you and baby the most sleep. Be it co sleeping, belly sleep, side sleep, chest sleep WHATEVER works Wink

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My dd1 was like that-she would NOT sleep by herself period. We ended up co-sleeping in our bed until she was 8 months old, at which point she finally began sleeping alone, at first for a few hours, but longer and longer as she got older. I actually found that co-sleeping was easier anyway since in my case I was breastfeeding-it was so much easier to have her in bed with me and just pop my boob in her mouth whenever she wanted to nurse rather than have to sit up and grab her out of the pack n play. I do think it is very much the baby's personality and you kind of have to do whatever works so that you all get sleep-keep trying and encouraging her to sleep on her own, but if she's not ready, she's not ready and this period really will go by very quickly, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time!

My second one is so far much easier and will actually sleep on her own which is great. We are still co-sleeping at night though as with the breastfeeding I just find that is easiest on me until they are old enough to have at least a 4 hour stretch of sleeping at night on a regular basis, then we will start moving to the crib for periods of time at night.

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Hi Jess. Yes, as "fun" as it is to have a baby that has vowed to never sleep anywhere but right on top of you, it's also very normal. And if you're like me and seriously cannot cope with co sleeping, it totally sucks. I think the biggest thing I can recommend for dealing with it at this very young age is waiting until she is totally asleep before moving her to her crib.

here is an article from Dr Sears that talks about it. See the first bullet.


The big problem with that is of course that it takes an extra 20+ minutes when you want to be sleeping. Also it doesn't teach the baby a blessed thing about falling asleep on her own, But if you just really need Julie to sleep in her crib so you can spend a few Julie Free hours in your bed, this does work. If she's sleeping 5 hours at a stretch it may be worth the 20 minutes to get 4 hrs 40 minutes of them in your own bed. Then again she also may not sleep 5 hours when she's not camped out on your body, so keep that in mind too.

Other stuff you can try is white noise, warming up her sheets with a heating pad before you lay her down (just take the ad away before you lay her down on the warm spot. Also my heating pad wears a shirt I've been wearing for several hours that day so his crib will smell like me in the warm spot.) You can even bring in a step stool to use to help you leverage over the crib better, so she doesn't have as far to "drop" where she is sort of dangling in open air with NST your hands under her. Good luck mama!

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Alissa has good advice on things to try...just wanted to say I had a bit of trouble with the link. If you delete the extra "kn" in the last word of the link it'll take you right to it.

It's a process of trying different stuff...some will work, some will not. Hope you are finding some things that work better for you. Smile