Why baby will NOT be in the bed with me...

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Why baby will NOT be in the bed with me...

Last night, at about 1130pm, DH elbowed me right in the lip..HARD. I had JUST fallen asleep so I woke up crying and holding my mouth. He rolled over and kept asking to see it (hello, it's dark!)...and finally I got up and went to the bathroom. I peed and cried...he came in there and said he was sorry, but I was ticked off and kinda blew him off. I cried for a long time, got back in the bed (facing the other way) and fell asleep with a swollen mouth. (This isn't the first time that's happened, once when we first got together he was fighting someone in his sleep and punched me in the side of the head).

He called me this morning, apologizing over and over...saying things like "You know I'd never do that on purpose." Of course I know that! If he did - we wouldn't be married or having a baby. My lip is better now, no one could really tell this morning. He said his arm was asleep and he went to move it...didn't realize my head was so close. When I move around in bed, I'm VERY aware of where he is and where I can/can't move. He's not. I'm not mad at him, I know it was a mistake.. but things like this are the reason the baby is NOT sleeping in the bed with us.

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Ouch!!! Sorry your got the brunt of his arm stretching but glad you're ok!! Biggrin I'm quite sure he feels bad, though.. poor guy. lol..

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Ouch! I hope your lip/mouth is feeling better today. I'm sure he feels bad. I know my DH would be miserable if he did something like that to me in his sleep.
I'm the same as you, when I move at night(which is a lot due to a bad back and everything goes numb if I lay in one spot for too long and now being pregnant) I am also very aware of where DH and all his body parts are. LOL

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I hate to admit it, but I'm more like your DH....when I'm asleep I'm just out. DH claims (and it's probably true) that when I get hot I'll throw the blankets on him, or now my body pillow, or whatever. On the other hand, as I said on the PGAL thread, one time I woke up with my DH trying to take my head off, so he has no real room to complain. (He dreamed he was fighting a "bad guy" in a motorcycle helmet, and he was trying to yank the guy's helmet off - so he had his hands on either side of my face and was yanking up!)

A good reason why babies don't sleep with us either - neither of us has much awareness when we're asleep. Smile

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Ouch! Yep same here, no bed sharing with baby bc DH has been known to smack me in his sleep, plus he just moves around a lot.

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My DH is the same way and I've been hit once or twice as well! I still get mad at him for not waking up with DS is crying. We've had the baby in bed with us before, but I put him on the side away from DH. This is why I'm side-car-ing the crib this time. She can be with me, but far away from him.

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Ouch, that sounds painful. I can see why you wouldn't want the baby anywhere near DH when he's asleep!