Why Early Gender Ultrasound Guesses are Probably a Bad Idea...

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Why Early Gender Ultrasound Guesses are Probably a Bad Idea...

I had another ultrasound today due to the stupid spotting that just won't quit - turns out, our baby is a boy! We were told girl 2 weeks ago, but it was pretty undeniable today. I have a follow up ultrasound in two weeks - wonder what we'll see then? Maybe it's a velociraptor! Smile We are happy with either gender but my son had his heart set on a baby sister.

I am a little sad fory DH because he couldn't be there - he's been at every appointment so far, but my parents are on vacation this week and no one else could pick our son up from preschool. He misses one visit and it's the one with a huge surprise! Awww.

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awww congrats on A baby Boy, Babys are such a blessing either way..

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Congrats on your boy! Your son is going to love having a brother. I'm sure that was quite a surprise though.

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Congrats on your baby boy. I agree, your son is going to love having a little brother. Smile I will change it on the gender guess thread. Smile

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Congrats on your baby boy! I'm sorry your DH had to miss the appointment.

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Aww, that sucks he missed it.. But congrats on your baby boy! And I have to say, I laughed my butt off at your velociraptor comment!! lol

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What a suprise! I bet your DH was floored!

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Oh wow, now that's s surprise! Congrats!!!

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Oh wow! LOL at the velociraptor comment. At least you will get another u/s to confirm it and hopefully by then it will be crystal clear.