Wiggly baby...

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Wiggly baby...

I was in my boss' office running my mouth. I had my hand on my stomach and Julie kept kicking it, so I moved it away and she went crazy! She was moving all over the place and you could TOTALLY see it through my shirt - that my stomach was moving around. My boss (a male, with no kids) was staring at it. I was like, what? She likes to move around. Then I told him to shut his mouth before a fly flew in there, LOL. He was like, what WAS that? I said it's my baby! He said OMG, that reminded me of Aliens.


He didn't mean it to be mean - it kinda made me laugh. But I'm glad someone other than me saw it. Everytime I try to get DH's attention, she stops.

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LOL! I love it when you can actually see them move. So funny looking!

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This little one likes to do that too. Move around all the time and when she really gets to moving to where you can see from outside my clothes, as soon as I say something to the hubs, she stops. LOL

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Haha happened in front of my class Monday when I was lecturing and you can only imagine how 15 yr old boys (and some girls) reacted

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Miles moves like crazy and I try to get DH to see and of course he never can see it... he's only felt him kick a few times. I love seeing my belly move. So much fun! Smile

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Henry is a little wiggler too. I was at DH's friends house the other day and he saw my belly moving from across the room and said "Whoa!" Haha.

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I have seen my belly move a few times with this one-its kind of neat and weird at the same time! I don't think anyone else has seen it though. It did happen during a work meeting once, but I had a clipboard in front of my belly and was sitting in the back of the room so I don't think anyone else noticed.

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Funny! when she is moving around like crazy I feel her outside (I am bigger so it is a bit harder to feel from the outside but you still can just not as much as a normal baby belly, anyway when she is wiggly I will try to get my SO to feel her and she stops! it NEVER fails lol it drives me NUTS he has felt her ONCE so far i guess it didn't help the other night when he had his hand on my belly while laying in bed anddddd low and be hold... he fell asleep, I asked him did you feel that he *woke up* nope not yet, so i was like alright waited a bit longer... then i heard it... him snoring LOL

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Cortney, I'm a big girl too. It's maddening to me when baby stops moving as soon as DH puts his hands on my stomach. Then as soon as he moves them, my stomach moves all over the place. Haha.