Woe is me! Yes, this is a whiny post!

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Woe is me! Yes, this is a whiny post!

Oh I so wish my morning sickness would go away. I can't function and I'm a mean *****. I've been trying to figure out what makes me sick when I eat it, but it's hit and miss. One day I can eat something and the next day that very same thing has me running to the trash can. I get sick if I DONT eat, I get sick if I DO eat. It'll get better for like a day and I rejoice thinking maybe.....mayyyybe it's going away. Yeah no, it always comes back and hits full force. It's gotten to the point that taking Zofran is completely useless. I think I've taken so much I've become used to it now.


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Please don't feel bad about venting, this is the place for it. If I were as sick as you've been, I'd be at my wits end too. I certainly don't blame you for being cranky. I really, truly hope you get some relief soon.

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Agree with Joan. You've been sick for what, like 10 weeks straight? Anyone would be at their wit's end by now. I'm so sorry that it hasn't been getting any better. I wish there was some other cure we could recommend for you. Hang in there. (((Hugs))) I know it's hard to focus on now, but at the end of this ordeal you are going to have a beautiful baby. It will be worth it in the end, but I can't imagine how hard it sucks right now.

Vent anytime. We are here for you. Smile

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I wish I can give you a big hug in person! You sound miserable!!! :bighug: So wishing that this passes soon for you!!!!

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Im so sorry your having to deal with the morning sickness still. I would be one grumpy lady if I was sick that long! I hope that you get some relief soon!!!

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Jessica I'm so sorry you are still sick. I think about you a lot and just hope it gets better for you soon. I know how you feel, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Lately I've started bawling my eyes out after my throw up sessions. I tell DH I'm going to have M/S forever. It really feels like that right? I'm not even throwing up as often as you, and I hate it still. So vent all you want. We are here to listen!

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:kaos3: You can do this, girlie!! :kaos3:

I'm sooooo so sorry your'e still struggling with being sick Sad It will get better! It has to right?

Be nice little bean, your mommy wants to start enjoying holding you in her tummy!!!!!!!!!!

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Elizabeth - I cry after I throw up too. I feel like I'm gonna be sick forever and then some btdt moms at my store are like, oh honey I was sick the entire time.

Which kinda makes me wanna punch them in their face.

Thanks Adriana - I sure hope it goes away soon.