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DH and I met at Petsmart today to buy a fish tank and a cabinet for it to sit on. Well, somehow all the pieces got put together wrong (DH wouldn't listen to me when I told him he was wrong and ONCE I was wrong) we get to the end and he's trying to put on the top and the whole thing falls apart. ...of the cabinet, the fish tank is still in the box. He's been fighting the cabinet all night, wrong pieces, wrong holes, etc when it falls apart, I busted into tears because he's been SUCH an @ss since getting home! He gets frustrated really really easily and when that happens, he gets hateful. Not like, he's gonna beat me up, but I keep telling to leave it because the more frustrated he gets - the more he messes up on. Then he raises his voice and says F it he's going to throw it out. I was like, the hell you are! I just paid 180 dollars for that piece of crap! If we broke a piece, I'll call the manufacturer and get them to ship a new one. Not just toss it in the trash. I couldn't even really help him because I was busy throwing up my dinner.

Ugh, I'm so upset! He went to bed and gave me a kiss, but didn't say he loved me or anything. Sad I know tomorrow he'll most likely apologize...but I hate this.

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DH can do that. Is a total ***, then stews over it and apologizes later. It's REALLY frustrating!

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Ugh Men!
I hope he is in a better mood today.

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Ugh, sorry that your DH was being a butt. They have a real way of doing that, don't they?