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I know ive mentioned previously that I wasnt happy with my OB. I am really starting to think I may need to find a new one and soon. I have been trying to get my current dr to listen to me about my blood pressure and he just keeps shrugging it off. It has gradually been getting higher and higher and was 138/89 at my dentist appt a couple days ago. That for me is usually when my previous OB would have put me on BP meds. This usually doesnt happen until 28 weeks with me and the fact that its getting high so early really bothers me and has me concerned. I just feel like, if I dont do something I could end up in trouble since this dr doesnt seem to want to take it serious. What would you ladies do? I know my history and I know my body and I really feel like I need to take steps here to prevent my bp from getting any higher.

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I think you should get all of your medical records together (you should be able to request this from your current OB's office) and get a second opinion from another OB. Talk to your coworkers/girlfriends/et cetera to see if anyone has an OB that they really love locally (I wish you lived near me; I'd send you to my OB in a hot minute.) You can also look at doctors on the Healthgrades website. They have a place where patients rate the doctors and write reviews. Anyway, once you have found another doctor, I would call their office and tell them that you are looking for a second opinion/consult about your blood pressure, and ask if you can send in your medical records. Make sure the new OB has a good understanding of your medical history, and then ask what s/he would recommend in dealing with your blood pressure. If the new OB gives you the same answer as the old OB, you may decide to stay with the old OB (although I still don't know that I would want to stay with a doctor that didn't make me feel heard, even if they were medically correct - I want a doctor who will really take the time to talk through my concerns with me and treat me like a real person, not a statistic.) If the new OB is more in line with your thought process, maybe you'll switch. The real point it, your doctors work for you, so if you don't feel that you're getting the attention you need (even if that is just having him/her hear you out and talk through your concerns) then I think you should feel free to explore other options.

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If you're not comfortable, then I say switch. No matter what the circumstances are. You need a doctor you feel good about.

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I have no hang ups about switching doctors or hair stylists or anything like that. I would probably talk to your OB one last time about your concerns and meanwhile be searching for a new one that will listen to you. I know its not always the easiest task when insurance is involved and finding the time to search for someone who will listen (that can be a full time job), but I think its worth it for you to have peace of mind.

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I would totally switch. It's still pretty early in the game so I don't think that should be a concern at all. If you're not happy, find someone else. Get some recommendations from friends. You want someone who will listen to your concerns, not shrug it off.
Sorry you have to deal with this!

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Being that I have high BP, the minute mine went up I was put on meds. I don't see if you have a history of high BP they aren't taking this serious. It is not only a risk for you but baby as well. I would get a second opinion, thats just ridiculous.

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I would totally switch if I weren't comfortable with my OB. You need someone who will take your concerns seriously and who you can feel comfortable with. I agree with everyone else to go ahead and at least get the second opinion.