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xp ..keeps on getting better and better!

Is it bad that I'm seriously considering going to the store for a bottle of wine? I wouldn't drink the whole bottle but OMG IM SO STRESSED OUT. Last night it was SUPER windy here. Around 2am, I hear this HUGE crash. I jump out of bed and wake up DH in the process. Jumping out of bed is a feat in itself because my freakin hoo-hah hurts and my belly is kinda big...but I was UP, with a quickness. DH was like...wha..? I said I heard something! He said it was him snoring. *insert really huge eyeroll here* I said no, it was a big noise. Like really loud thunder. He said it probably was thunder, go back to sleep. So, I managed to fall asleep for another 15 mins or so..but ..didn't get much shut eye. Anyway, this morning, I go outside and see that my less-than-a-year-old grill is upside down and around the side of the shed. It doesn't live around the side of the shed, so obviously it got blown over there. I see tree limbs all over the place, but it missed the cars. THEN I get a phone call from my LANDLORD, saying that my neighbor called and apparently there's some issue with the house and the storm and to call him back. Well I did, and he said the neighbor said a tree hit the house (which would explain that loud crash I heard) but that she says the roof is okay looking. Well, I leave before daytime hits, so when I got home... I checked and OMG. My ac/heat unit is CRUSHED beneath a HUGE tree. Apparently it hit the roof and then rolled and crashed into the ac unit. Everyone keeps asking me if the heat works.. I'm like hello!! There's a tree on top of it, I'm not starting it up to see if it'll start a fire!!
So, my baby shower is in two days...everyone needs to bring their own blanket, apparently! DH's dog, which has been driving me NUTS is not supposed to be here and if the landlord "stops by" to check, I'm gonna get in trouble because of that dog. (Whom, crapped on the floor AGAIN ...right after we came in from a potty trip outside!).
Yeah. I know my blood pressure is up. This is great.

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Wow, crazy! Ok Jessica, (((breathe))). Smile
We got some wind here and even some tornado warnings but I really didn't see much damage out there today.

A tree fell on my house once. It was a duplex and the thing went through the upstairs hallway!!!! :eek: It was CRAZY! And my son was sleeping in the bedroom right next to where it happened. Fortunately it was a rental and the landlord took care of it but yeah, super crazy.

Bummer about your heat/the shower. It's, of course, supposed to be cold for the next few days. I really hope you can stay warm and that they fix it soon!!

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Oh lady when it rains it pours doesn't it? I'm so sorry your having such a rough time lately. Hugs! I hope that everything can get worked out and soon.

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Wow, how scary! I'm glad no one got hurt, but what a headache to deal with all of that now. I hope you get your heat working soon.

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Wow thats crazy. How stressful to have to deal with all that right before your shower. Its funny that they asked if the heat works...Haha. How cold is it there now? Will you be ok with just blankets? You could always go buy a couple of space heaters until it gets fixed.

Sorry about the dog again. Hugs girl! Hopefully you will get a streak of good luck soon.

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Elizabeth - right now we have two space heaters in the house already. We'll use them tomorrow for sure. I don't have a terribly big house, but the part that needs to be heated is huge and open, of course LOL So the space heaters we have might not work. I have a space heater at work too, I might go grab that...

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oh wow, that is terrible to hear. I am so very sorry and I hope everything gets figured out. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

oh and just a question, you said your landlord called you about it happening, wouldn't your landlord have to fix it? just wondering

hope things get better Smile