Yay for free Maternity clothes!

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Yay for free Maternity clothes!

I have a close friend that gave me two bags full of Maternity pants, shirts, and maternity/nursing bra's. We grew up together so it may seem weird but I dont mind taking her hand me down bra's. She's like a sister. Anywho, some of it I'm not sure I'll wear but most of it is really cute!

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I have no problem taking hand me downs. I already took in 2 pairs of hand me down maternity jeans, one of which fits perfectly!!! Even my DD wears hand me downs. It's all in the family and see no sense in wasting perfectly good clothes.

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Yay! That's awesome. My friend gave me a huge box too! Another friend is giving me some balck pants today too. I just need a few dressy blouses for work meetings and I'm set!

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Yay, that's awesome! I see hand me down maternity clothes like I see hand me down baby clothes - they are used, but just barely since they don't fit for that long anyway (relatively speaking.) I'm reusing my maternity clothes from T, but think I will need to buy a few more warm shirts since most of mine are more aimed towards spring and early summer. I know we're due in April and all, but we have a lot of cold months to get through first, and since I'm already rocking the maternity gear, I'd better get some more long sleeves.

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I totally got some used maternity clothes yesterday. Everything fits except for one pair of pants - and I'm not sure they fit HER either because we're the same size and I can barely get a toe in the leg.

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Good deal! I have a lot of stuff that I've collected over the years and I'm excited to have a "new" wardrobe for awhile! However, I've loaned out a lot too and have lost some along the way so I know I need to buy some more jeans and pants.