Yay for a healthy heart beat!!!

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Yay for a healthy heart beat!!!

We got to hear the heart beat today for the first time! Sooooo exciting! By far the best sound I've ever heard (so far) Woooo hooooo

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Isn't it a great sound! I am very excited for you.

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yay!! Congrats on a great heartbeat! I know that's one of the most amazing sounds you can hear...

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Yahoo Congrats on hearing the baby!!!! How exciting!! They say that you know that once you hear the heart beat, the baby is here to stay. Smile

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Aww yay! So glad you got to hear it! It's amazing isn't it?

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Yay, that's great! It's so neat to hear the heart beart and so reassuring!

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I agree the most amazing sound ever...for a while. Smile Yay for heartbeats!!!!!!

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Awesome!!!! It's the best!!!

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Yahoo It is a great sound!!! Congrats.