Yes, I'm worrying again...

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Yes, I'm worrying again...

So.. I was on Google :rolleyes: looking at ..stuff. More specifically, what is looked for at the 20 week scan.

And everyone had a horror story and I think everyone on Google was going to have a baby with Downs but then when the baby was born, it was fine.

I've talked about abortion with my DH if something is wrong and we're both against it. We both want a kid and you don't really *know* until the baby is born anyway. BUT, I can imagine what would go through my head for the next 20 weeks if I even THOUGHT something was wrong...

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With my DD the drs had told me they were almost positive she had downs. I had all kinds of "markers", but she was born healthy! Drs are not always right, and certain things they look for dont always mean somethings wrong. *hugs* Hopefully your scan will go great so you wont have to worry about anything!!

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Did you have the earlier scans done? They are supposed be some 90-something percent accurate. Honestly, I turned down all of the extra scans because there's such a small chance anything is wrong and I don't need the extra worry. It's hard not to think about it and worry, but most likely, all your measurements will be perfect and either way, you have to remember that you have zero control over all of it. Whatever's going on with that little baby is ... well, that's your baby. Now, when the baby comes out, you'll have a whole new bunch of things to worry about, lol!!

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I agree with PPs. One of my good friends had all sort of Down's markers with her last, and he was completely fine. BUT hopefully your scan will be perfect and you won't have any reason to worry anyway!

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Even though I did it and I'm now in an increased risk due to high levels of NT, I've heard so many stories about how babies were born just fine that I've managed to calm myself down. I know of 5 friends that got false positives and they have healthy babies, one of which is my niece.

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My friend went for a 20 week scan and they saw a spot on the baby's heart or something. They told her it could be a marker for downs, they went to genetic counseling and everything. But the baby is a perfect healthy little girl. I'm always scared before appointments because you never know what they are going to say or find. But most of the time, things tend to turn out ok in the end.

And Joan you're right, when the baby is here we will be super worry worts. I don't think it ever ends.